Sixty Three Shades of Crazy Searches (for Christian Grey’s Penis)

I don’t think we have an official bonus post today, so I thought I’d give some exciting updates about searchers and stats that I never have time for when I’m doing the actual posts!

The stats news is simple: we currently have 69 followers which is pretty sexy.

And here, my darling readers, are all our penis-related searches in all their un-edited glory.

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  45. what is the length of christian grey’s penis – There is no exact measurement known to date. We’re hoping that if James comes out with a book from Christian’s perspective, this information will be revealed. 
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  1. Amy Reply

    ‘Fifty shades of penis’ definitely just made me snort soda out my nose… xD
    Why this wasn’t the name of the sequel, I’ll never know.

  2. Stevie Reply

    A bit of brain crack but there needs to be a parody of this book called Fifty Shades of Penis in which Christian Grey’s penis is never the same size. In fact, I think this is why we are never told how big it is because it’s always changing. Yep.

    …oh, the thoughts that come to me when I’m half asleep! xD

  3. Maria Reply

    I don’t think I’ve laughed quite this much in ages. Perhaps it tells something (too much) about me. Perhaps it’s just Christian Grey’s penis. Either way, very refreshing!
    I’m so very hooked to this blog that I will recommend it to everyone. Craptasticly awesome!

    • 22aer22 Post authorReply

      I was just being snarky. But who doesn’t love Christian’s huge penis?!??! Amiright?

      • Chris Reply

        I understand. It is just a bit annoying that men in erotic fiction ALWAYS has to have a huge penis. As if they couldn’t be fantastic lovers without it, and that everyone should have/want one. But hey, you’re allowed to love huge penises if you want 🙂 nothing inherently wrong with being a size queen. But yeah, it just bugs me is all.

        • 22aer22 Post authorReply

          You know, Chris, though all the evidence seems to point to the contrary, I’m not actually sleeping with Christian Grey. The size of his penis matters to me purely from a scholarly standpoint.

      • Chris Reply

        I see, I meant no harm 🙂
        And what have you found from your scholarly standpoint? 😛

  4. milli Reply

    you know this so crazy that all those surveys on the net insist that heterosexual women say for them size does not matter but then these search terms come up obsessing with penis size in these draft like novels


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