Bad Video Games, Good Times: High School Dreams (Teaser Trailer)

The good news is we’re officially announcing Bad Books, Good Times‘s first video feature: Bad Video Games, Good Times. Around the same time we started the blog, Ariel discovered the video game High School Dreams, and we had this spectacular vision for a recurring video feature where we would play this stupid looking game and make fun of it. After running into technical problems (not being able to buy the game in the UK with a US credit card), geographical problems (living in different parts of the US over the summer), and college problems (college), last weekend we finally sat down to play the game.

The bad news is it didn’t work. Apparently my vision was just too fancy for modern screen-capturing technology and we wound up with an hour and a half video of a black screen, so unfortunately this feature isn’t coming quite as soon as we had hoped. We will sit down and start over again sometime soon with a much less technologically savvy and much more video-camera-pointed-at-a-computer-screen feature for all of you to enjoy.

In the meantime, do enjoy the teaser trailer. The audio is from our first, ruined playthrough of the game, so you can at least get an idea of what we were hoping to give you guys today. Instead you get some maddeningly out-of-context jokes Ariel and I made while playing a shitty high school dating sim. Get excited to hear us argue about what boy we want to date.



  1. AnthonyHJ Reply

    As one of the writers for this game, I have to admit that we did overdo the cheese just a little. Especially that prom scene…

    • 22aer22 Reply

      We haven’t even gotten to that yet! Spoiler! Seriously though as hilarious as it is for us to pick out what boys to hit on together, the game is hella addicting.

      You don’t look like a high school girl though… Seriously questioning this games authenticity.


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