Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: Bad Christmas Specials, Good Times

We’ve wanted to do a video feature since we started Bad Books, Good Times in May, and I’ve wanted to do a holiday special since about a week ago, so here’s the two together. To celebrate the holidays, Ariel and I watched the classic 1964 children’s television special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and recorded all of our usual smartass comments and inappropriate humor while we watched it. Just for you. And the other over 100,000 hits we’ve gotten since starting the blog. Not to brag, we’re just actually really surprised and really thankful that even that many people read our blog, so this is our way of saying thank you to everyone: by ruining a beloved holiday special.

Happy holidays from Bad Books, Good Times!

(There’s also a deleted scene – or something – that I felt deserved to be on its own. If you don’t care if we ruin Rudolph for you a little bit more, you can watch it here.)



  1. Judy Reply

    I thought the little dentist dude who sounds like Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle, was going to use that metal tool as some kind of nut cracker(perhaps) on the Big Foot, when he was underneath him.

  2. Bellomy Reply

    I went to a Catholic High School. In Theology class or teacher used Rudolph to teach us morality. Not for any moral lessons from the story, of course. He wanted us to recognize what a dick Santa and all of the other reindeer were.

    It was also noticed by many of us that there really is no moral-they only accepted Rudolph because they needed him. It wasn’t, “Hey, now we’ve learned, misfits are okay now!”. It was more like, “Be nice to the freak, he has a flashlight stuck to his face and there’s a blizzard for the first time in the history of winter that we can’t see through. We need him.”

    Also, while I like the Silver and Gold song, I have no idea how it relates to the rest of the special at all.


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