Technical Difficulties: BBGT Returns Next Wednesday

So as it would turn out, after we state that we’re taking next Monday and Tuesday off because of senior thesis deadlines, Ariel is now also having laptop difficulties (read: it doesn’t work) and now we’re taking the rest of this week off too. We’re still going to honor the poll results for next Thursday/Friday, even if it doesn’t necessarily make sense anymore, because our readers might as well have some sort of fun with the voting.

To assuage the pain of having no Bad Books, Good Times for such a long period of time (we’re jerks), we’re gonna shamelessly recommend some old posts from our other blogs. Perhaps you’d like to read Ariel’s thoughts on how to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate responses in normal society? Perhaps you’d like to read Matthew’s affective fallacy-tastic close reading of Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe”? You got options.

Thanks for bearing with us. We’ll have new content again next Wednesday!



  1. Chuck Reply

    This lack of new posts is an affront to both God and man. How dare you.

    Actually, I sympathize quite a bit. Keeping a blog updated with new content can be burdensome, even with a functioning laptop.

  2. Natasha Reply

    Nooooo how am i supposed to keep myswlf entertained during nightshift??? I cannot wait for next week 🙂

  3. Bellomy Reply

    Speaking of needing to do stuff-Sorry about the guest post. I originally wrote it while on break from college. Now that college has started again I’m a lot busier (with stuff outside of college too) and far lazier than both of you are, so there’s my excuse. I haven’t actually forgotten about it, though, and I’ll still try and finish it. You at least can still look forward, as I’m sure you do (hah), to my sarcastic and occasionally more well thought-out comments each week in the meantime, so there’s a consolation prize!


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