Uh Oh, More Thesis Work: Fifty Shades of Taking Off Chapter 3

Sorry, guys! Matt and I have another huge portion of our thesis due tomorrow, so we’re taking off Monday/Tues. See you all later this week! 



  1. Bellomy Reply

    It’s amazing how horrible Day is at handling the rape…and apparently she started off so well.

    I mean, our rape victim here, if you’ve been keeping count, has been sexually assaulted TWICE during the book…and then started going out with the man who sexually assaulted her?

    And then the same man tries to rape her in her sleep and…she tells him she loves him and never wants to leave him?

    This would all be really bad on its own. But the fact that this is a RAPE VICTIM’S response to sexual assault makes it disturbing and insulting to real rape victims. It’s incredibly offensive.

    (Slightly off-topic, but I think all people who have any type of cavalier attitude towards rape need to watch Law and Order: SVU. You learn a lot watching that show.


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