Yes, There IS More Uncomfortable Sex: Reflected in You Chapter 10

In chapter nine, Eva’s ex-boyfriend Brett turned out to be the lead singer of the band Eva, Gideon and their friends went to see. He sang a moving song about how he missed Eva getting on her knees for him, and when he sees her outside after the show he kisses her. Eva kisses back like a total bitch. GIDEON CHARGES FORTH TO BRING DESTRUCTION TO BRETT!

Chapter 10

Eva freaks out as Gideon beats the shit out of Brett. Arnoldo shows up and becomes Jose from Fifty Shades. He’s just like, “Cross! Dios mio.” But otherwise he does nothing to really stop the situation.

Brett’s band-mates show up to help, but then they realize he’s fighting the guy who owns their record label, so they’re like, “Kline, you fuckhead!” Which is very supportive of them.

Gideon has somehow evolved into Chuck Norris:

Gideon lashed out with a roundhouse kick and followed with a lightning-quick jab to the gut.

Gideon’s driver Angus makes Eva get back into the limo so they can take Shawna home. Eva is not pleased.

I grabbed Angus by the arms. “What’s the matter with you?! Stop them!”

His pale blue eyes softened. “He knows when to stop, Eva.”

Am I really expected to believe that? I call bull shit. It doesn’t seem like Gideon knows when to stop let alone when he shouldn’t have started in the first place.

Arnoldo swings Eva over his shoulder and carries her to the limo, because that’s what you do when a woman won’t obey you! Eva isn’t pleased, but that never really changes much.

“He’s your friend! You’re just going to leave him like that?”

“He’s your boyfriend.” The calm neutrality in Arnoldo’s voice cut me deep. “And you are the one who left him like that.”

I’m not at all on Eva’s side here (or anyone’s really…EXCEPT THE SIDE OF JUSTICE), but Gideon could have just landed a solid punch or two on Brett and then gotten in the limo and had it out with Eva. No one but Gideon left him beating the shit out of Brett.

Shawna has some intelligent information to add to the conversation:

“You’re the Eva in the song ‘Golden,’ aren’t you?” Shawna asked quietly, from her position on the opposite bench seat.

How the fuck did detective Shawna put two and two together? I wonder how she figured it all out so quickly.

Anyway, we all already know that the only way this, or any problem between Gideon and Eva, can be resolved is through sex. The problem is the kind of sex they have is really fucking disturbing right now.

Angus and Eva pick up Gideon in the limo, and Eva is just sobbing away while Gideon regards her coldly. Gideon asks questions like, “Do you want him?” and “Did you come earlier because of me or his song?” Well, obviously she came because of the brilliantly crafted lyrics and the ukulele. I don’t know what else it could have been.

Gideon expresses his anxiety over Eva’s past with Brett eloquently:

“He’s had his dick in you. He’s fucked you . . . blown his load inside you.”

My boyfriend pointed out to me recently that what’s so creepy about Gideon is how he always describes sex in either this really blunt, crude way or in a straightforward and clinical way. He also added that the way Gideon talks about sex or talks dirty to Eva kind of makes him sound like a serial killer describing his plans; he’s always saying things like, “I’m going to get so hard for you Eva, then I’m going to stick my erect penis inside of you. Then I’m going to move my dick in and out of you until I blow my load in you.”

Desperate to get back on Gideon’s good side, Eva drops to her knees (which, according to Brett’s song, she’s very good at) and begs Gideon to let her give him a blow job so that his cum can wipe away Brett’s kiss.


Gideon tells Eva to “slide [her] tight cunt around him” after he cums the first time, because he’s such a man and can come like a thousand times. Eva tells us that he’ll do anything he tells her to prove she loves him. She lets him torture her with sex basically – he refuses to let her cum, treats her like a whore. It’s all pretty terrible to read. Oh. And to top it all off while he’s doing all this to her he keeps demanding to know why she kissed Brett. It happens like six times, and each time she can’t/won’t answer he just tortures her more.

Slightly in Gideon’s defense, he reminds Eva of their safeword, but she refuses to use it. Even at points like this,

He pulled out at the first grasp of my sex and left me hanging on the precipice again. I screamed with frustration, fighting to get up and away from the lover who’d become the source of unbearable torment.

The most annoying and infuriating thing about this scene is that when Gideon finally gets Eva to admit that she kissed Brett to make Gideon jealous because she wants him to know how it feels to be jealous (FUCKING HELL EVA, YOU SUCK), Gideon’ acts like he knew this all along and isn’t even really mad. He just wanted to get her to admit it? I don’t even understand.

Bending over me, he gasped in my ear, “Tell me why, Eva.” Fury boiled up inside me and spewed out.

“Because you deserved it! Because you should know what it feels like! How bad it hurts, you self-centered asshole!”

“Angel.” His lips brushed over my shoulder blade, his hands releasing my wrists to slide beneath me and cup my full, heavy breasts. “My stubborn, beautiful angel. Finally, we get to the truth.”

He understood, as I hadn’t, that the night had fallen apart because of my jealousy and the deep-seated need I had to make him feel it for himself.

So Eva comes like a million fucking times and falls asleep. When she wakes up they start kind of joking about the whole situation. What the even fuck is going on?

They’ve apparently driven ten hours and are now in North Carolina, spending the weekend together alone. Eva examines Gideon’s wounds from his epic battle with Brett and finds he’s not all that injured. Except, he tells her, in his heart. BARF.

After giving a spiel about how no matter what he couldn’t let Eva go, he runs them a bath and carries her into it. Epic love? What did I just read? I am scared of what the next chapter will bring if Gideon and Eva are just hanging out alone together for the weekend…

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  1. scummy48 Reply

    No. Just. No.

    We readers, where there, in Eva’s head, when Brett kissed her. She wasn’t like, “yeah, Gideon will see this and understand how much it hurts to be jealous!” She didn’t even know Gideon was there when she kissed him back! She blatantly told us that she was still attracted to Brett and that was why she kissed back! Day can’t suddenly tell us that that wasn’t actually what happened WHEN WE WERE THERE and expect us to buy this bullshit! and even if it was to show him what it feels like, that is still a pretty disgusting way to do it! and eva never actually got proof that Gideon was with someone else! I literally don’t know who I hate more; Gideon, Eva, or Day.

    Also everyone’s reaction to Gideon beating the shit out of Brett was absurd (I also love how the fight was described as if it were a kickboxing class. Do people really use roundhouse kicks while street fighting over a girl?). Eva definitely should have been actually trying to stop him instead of getting mad at everyone for not doing it, since it’s kind of her fault the guy she was making out with is getting beaten up by her boyfriend. ALSO if I was a victim of abuse, I think seeing the guy I was supposed to be in love with beat someone half to death, especially an ex of mine, I would get the fuck away from him. Even if I wasn’t a victim of abuse seeing someone react like this would scare the shit out of me and make me think twice about being in love with him!

    And Gideon’s reaction to Eva makes no sense. Brett didn’t know Eva was seeing someone, kissing her was a pretty innocent move on his part. Eva, however, knows that is she is dating Gideon, so kissing Brett back was definitely not okay on her part. Gideon should be pissed at Eva, not Gideon. And he’s acting like he’s just pissed at her because they happened to be around some other guy had “blown his load inside” her before they even met rather than because SHE WAS MAKING OUT WITH HIM. Oh my god this chapter pissed me off so much more than this book usually does.

    Also, if someone thought that the way to show me they loved me and were sorry for something was by performing oral sex on me and letting me torture them sexually, I would question their sense of love or apologizing and whether they were a good person to be with.

    And finally, Christian Grey definitely had some gag-worthy lines and actions when trying to be sweet or sexy or whatever, but Gideon absolutely wins creepiest, gag-worthiest lines. Every time he calls her Angel I cringe, but this line in particular was disturbing beyond belief.

    “Angel.” His lips brushed over my shoulder blade, his hands releasing my wrists to slide beneath me and cup my full, heavy breasts. “My stubborn, beautiful angel. Finally, we get to the truth.”

    If a guy tried to touch my breasts in a moment like this, I would freak the fuck out! And he was holding her wrists before while trying to get a confession out of her???? Does Day not remember that Eva was sexually abused during her childhood?!?!?! How can Day think this type of relationship could be even the slightest bit tolerable for someone who went through what Eva did?? Oh my God I hate her. I think I hate her more than I hate her terrible characters. And that isn’t easy.

    Wow this was an extremely long rant, sorry about that! great post though!

      • 22aer22 Reply

        I know right?

        None of the character’s motivations or reactions add up at all! They say one thing, and then a scene or two later say something entirely contradictory. And not just in the way regular people contradict themselves, this is in a way that just makes no sense!

        Day seems to think you can only fight an abusive past with more abuse.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      I just didn’t call how gross and creepy it would be. But I should have, damn it.

  2. Kristin Reply

    Tell Boyfriend that his serial killer analogy might be spot on. Did Gideon really drive her hundreds of miles away while she was sleeping? Isn’t that kidnapping?

    Also, I’m glad someone else is bothered by their nicknames too *shudder*

    • 22aer22 Reply

      Right??? And no one knows where she is, so they’ll probably never find the body.


  3. Bellomy Reply

    So tell me, ladies: Do you ever ACTUALLY think of your breasts as “full and heavy” when dudes are squeezing them? Because I would think that’s a guy thought, though I may be wrong.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      Nope! They usually stay the same weight during sex. I could understand this during her period, but we all know that was like so last chapter for Eva.

  4. Vivienne Reply

    I’m actually seriously disturbed by this. I didn’t even read the actual book, just your summary, and I am horribly frightened that this kind of disgusting crap is ACTUALLY published and loved by millions of readers. How is this okay? I just can’t. This is a huge pile of nope.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      I KNOW! And women are reading this going “This is so romantic, why can’t I find this?”

  5. matthewjulius Reply

    oh my god, Jeremy’s fake dialogue is actually EXACTLY like something that would actually be written in these books. If you just quoted it *I* wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference, and I just read this chapter.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      Writing fake dialogue for this book is really easy. “I want to ejaculate into your tight cunt. I want my semen to coat your vaginal wall. I want that semen to drip down your legs and onto the floor. I will not leave a Caution: Wet Floor Sign up and will leave the semen on the floor.”

  6. future venusian Reply

    Uh…wow. Just…my God. That made my skin crawl. Did anyone even read this thing before it went to print? That has to be one of the most disturbing things I have ever read. I think the only things more disturbing are the high ratings and rave reviews it’s getting.

  7. Bellomy Reply

    One thing: I mention this in the next thread, but everybody seems to be forgetting that Christian actually did the exact same thing to Ana once (continually withholding orgasm as sexual torture) for a much lesser offense than Eva’s.

    What this means is that Christian might actually be a BIGGER dickhead than Eva.

    • matthewjulius Reply

      I think what’s important here is how much worse the depiction of sex as a healing/communicative tool is here rather than comparing how big Christian and Gideon’s dicks are. They’re both dicks, but the depiction of sex here is just so insanely unhealthy, way beyond anything in Fifty Shades.

      • Bellomy Reply

        In the two series taken as wholes it seems so, but in some ways Christian’s sexual torture of Ana, in the specific scene I mention, was actually WORSE. At least Eva actually did something bitchy; I can’t remember Ana doing ANYTHING worse than going out with her friends without telling Christian.

        • 22aer22 Reply

          BOTH scenes are terrible and abusive, BOTH scenes neither Eva nor Ana uses the safeword. However, from what I remember in Fifty Shades Ana gets really upset after and Christian feels bad about it. This scene was described in a much more disturbing way with Eva even shouting that she hates Gideon and that he’s sadistic and shit. I gotta say this book wins for me in the disturbing contest.

      • Bellomy Reply

        There is clearly no doubt that this book is more disturbing. This whole chapter was just bizarre; how somebody thought that this was a-okay, or at least that it was acceptable as “punishment” for Eva’s bitchiness, is more than a little freakishly creepy.

  8. bookbaron Reply

    No matter how you look at it, torture is torture. Whether or not Eva or Ana deserved it more doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s freaking ‘torture’.

  9. milli Reply

    i think nobody deserves to be tortured in the name of sex like that, the way it is described in the chapters and in fifty shades. but in fifty shades the orgasm torture was a literary construct which a) worked to move the character arc forward for christian especially and ana with her safeword use b) ana as always called him on his shit C) chrsitian’s worry has a sound basis which he explains before he proceeds to playroom(leaving security detail short in notice, the rest is over-reaction btw).this scene was creepy , contradictory and not to mention so offensive for eva’s character arch, i mean, that guy was a dick to you in the past, he used her as a glorified sex doll/ groupie and then cheated on her and still she goes on and finds him attractive enough to kiss his ass-hat face!(and they blatant cave-men attitude of the guy and girl!sex acts as some sort of stamp!ugh!what is that fictional awesome counselor of eva doing??he says nothing as eva goes on to have one wrong attitude toward sex from brett and then in gideon) …….and within the same chapter we notice it makes zero progress in gideon’s and eva’s story arch, they remain the same obsessive loons they were, going on and on how much they can’t live without each is like some Damascus wheel with Day where she goes and repeats same plot tension over and over for two books now!

    • 22aer22 Reply

      I completely agree. I think this scene was intended to lead to this big revelation about Eva’s character, that she was trying to make Gideon jealous because of how he’d been hurting her. But it backfired and just was creepy and awful and didn’t actually move the characters forward at all.

      The same plot still just keeps getting repeated as the books go on…and yet for some reason I can’t wait to blog about the next book when it’s finally released. What is wrong with me!

      • Anonymous Reply

        despite everything, it is just a fluff read which we can enjoy now and again.won’t be remembered for something meaningful or even original down in literary i am looking forward to your blog about the said book.i will read it just because my other favorites are not releasing books in the meantime lol! plus as you already wrote, we were there in her head when she kissed him and there was nowhere she mentions she saw gideon in periphery, so how am i supposed to believe Day when she pulls this line out of nowhere?she could have said something like “i kissed him because i was still hurt because of that unexplained office just happened.” …my head hurts 😛

        • 22aer22 Reply

          I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re supposed to believe that Eva could “sense” him deep down. Day is always writing lines like that into the story -_-.

          Yeah, it’s funny, it definitely won’t go down in literary history, but I bet I’ll remember it forever just because of how much time I’ve spent pulling every chapter apart. Even most of the most dedicated fans probably won’t remember it as long as Matthew and I will haha.

          • Anonymous Reply

            omg! i totally forgot about that one!lol!

            you guys are so good to delve in this and make it your prerogative just so you could talk to us about it is commendable 😛 we heart you!

  10. milli Reply

    My boyfriend pointed out to me recently that what’s so creepy about Gideon is how he always describes sex in either this really blunt, crude way or in a straightforward and clinical way. He also added that the way Gideon talks about sex or talks dirty to Eva kind of makes him sound like a serial killer describing his plans; —–there is another thing i missed. the way gideon and cary talk about sex and ejacuation is exrtremely misogunistic. i mean they reduce eva or anyone to just a vessel made of flesh which needs to be filled and cannot be owned by anyone. like our bucket. a non-human entity. yuck.

  11. Doedee Reply

    I couldn’t stop laughing about Gideons roundhouse kicks. I should print it out.
    Poor Brett.

    Hahahahaha… roundhouse kick…


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