Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Bad Books, Good Times! For those of you not in the know, “Thanksgiving” is a holiday in which Americans eat too much food. This might sound less like a holiday and more like just America in general, but it’s a thing we set aside time for to do with family, specifically.

We’re taking the rest of the week off for the holiday, but here’s some pictures of Ariel and me not on opposite sides of the ocean! We got a chance to meet up and play around with an Oculus Rift developer kit with her family and boyfriend.


I’d also like to take this opportunity to point out that BBGT is one of the first places you saw the inevitably trendy “messing with people wearing Oculus Rift” pictures.

Even Ariel's dad

I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that we’re thankful for these stupid books we read, and for all our readers who read about us reading them. Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week!



  1. Dana Reply

    Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I spent it like a variation of A Christmas Story—with Chinese food! (Long story short: we drove up to my grandma’s house two hours away in upstate NY, the electricity/water went out literally two minutes after we arrived, the turkey was getting a little funky, so we drove back home, got takeout from the only open Chinese restaurant nearby, and drank plum a ton of wine while watching True Detective. All in all … one of our better Thanksgivings).


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