One With You Chapter 11: Gideon Didn’t Actually Cheat, Problem Solved

Before Eva finds out about Gideon’s shocking photos, she fondly recalls when she started to become friends with Cary. She’d approach him after group therapy to say hi, he’d accuse her of trying to “ride [his] dick”, and she’d be like, “Um, no.” Thus, a friendship was born because Eva could resist Cary’s dick.

Once that is out of the way, Eva finds out about the photos and is obviously upset. Who wouldn’t be upset seeing a photo of their husband hooking up with two other women no matter when the photos were taken, but especially when the implication is the photos were taken during his bachelor party.

Gideon manages to get Eva on the phone:

“It happened before I met you.” He spoke too fast, was breathing too fast. “I don’t know when or—What?” Someone spoke in the background. “Cinco de Mayo? For fuck’s sake. Why is this coming out now?”
“Eva, I swear to you that fucking picture wasn’t taken this weekend. I would never do that to you. You know that. You know what you mean to me—”
“Gideon, calm down.” My racing pulse began to slow. He was frantic. Panicked. It broke my heart to hear it. He was so strong, capable of managing and surviving and crushing anything.
I was his weakness, when all I wanted was to be his strength.
“You have to believe me, Eva. I would never do that to us. I would never—”
“I believe you.”

I’m actually relieved it was this easy, because that completely makes sense. For all his flaws, I don’t believe Gideon would cheat on Eva.

Eva also points out Gideon has seen her kiss Brett Kline and also seen the sex tapes made of them, so she is quick to understand/forgive the situation.

Eva’s got a fix for the problem!

“No, I’m fine. I’m coming to you. In Rio.”
“What? No. I don’t want to be here. I need to be home to sort this shit out.”
“It’s out in the wild, Gideon. Nothing you can do will change that.” I pulled myself up off the floor. “You can hunt him—or her—down later. I’m not letting this ruin our memories of the weekend.”
“It doesn’t—”
“If they want pictures of you in Brazil, ace, I’m going to be in them.”

I guess the logic is that Eva being there will show everything is cool and make it easier for people to believe these photos were taken at a different point?

When Eva arrives in Rio, the men are all waiting for her, looking sexy.

They were lined up like a row of exotic, outrageously expensive sports cars. Powerful, sexy, dangerously fast.

That’s certainly one way to describe a group of human beings.

Eva and Gideon make out furiously in front of their friends and family (Eva’s mom and Cary are with her.)

I couldn’t care less what kind of spectacle we made. Gideon’s hard body felt delicious and the taste of him was intoxicating. My thoughts scattered. I wanted to ride him, rub up against him. I wanted him naked and sweaty, covered in my scent. On his face, his hands, his cock.


Care, Eva. Care a little about this.

At their hotel, Eva snaps some photos and Instagrams them. Luckily her hashtag actually makes sense (#RioDeJaneiro), but I can’t help but wish she’d added a few more like #TryingTooHard #SwearHeDidn’tCheat #LookHowCoolWithEverythingIAm.

Most of this chapter is just Eva and Gideon reassuring each other everything is fine and arranging photo ops of them at the beach.

My mom looked at me. There was a sadness in her eyes I couldn’t understand. “I had hoped you two would have a quiet, normal life. But the world isn’t going to let that happen.

The photo had gone viral shortly after it was posted to a media site. Speculation was rampant. How could I be with Gideon in Rio and be okay with him fucking two other women? Was our sex life that kinky? Or maybe it wasn’t Gideon Cross in the photo at the club.

As Matthew pointed out last week, nothing ever has any lasting consequences in this story. The world is just like, “These Instagram photos resolved everything!” I do get why Eva cares what the world thinks, but her mom is right to be sad about all this.

Back at home, Eva and her mother continue to make preparations for the wedding which is at the end of the week or something ridiculous. Suddenly, Gideon texts Eva to turn on the TV! He’s giving an interview and opening up to the world. He tells the world he and Eva are already married!

The photo of us changed to a series of shots taken inside the same nightclub where the leggy brunettes had climbed all over him. When he glanced at the audience and suggested that some of them might be familiar with the location, there were a few shouted affirmatives.
“Obviously,” he went on, looking back at the hosts. “I couldn’t be in New York and Brazil at the same time. The photo that went viral was digitally altered to remove the club’s logo. You can see that it’s embroidered into the curtains of the VIP lounge. All it took was the right software and a couple of clicks to make it disappear.”
“But the girls were there,” one of the hosts countered, “and what was happening with them was real.”
“True. I had a life before my wife came along,” he said evenly and unapologetically. “I can’t change that, unfortunately.”

Yup, this all checks out. But I am amazed that people are actually interested in this interview.

It was also a good choice to go with the talk show format of multiple female hosts exploring female-focused topics. They weren’t going to give him a free pass for alleged infidelity or even tiptoe around the subject. It was going to clear the air in a way an interview with a male anchor might not have.

Whew, glad the air will be clear about them and that all the idiots invested in Gideon and Eva’s relationship can rest easy.

The chapter ends with Gideon slamming Corinne’s upcoming book and saying that the ghostwriters is actually someone who has a bone to pick with Gideon. Eva’s mom is totally horrified by this whole interview, and I suspect it’s because of her own secrets or maybe she’s also appalled that there are people in the world who care about this.





  1. wordswithhannah Reply

    It was also a good choice to go with the talk show format of multiple female hosts exploring female-focused topics. They weren’t going to give him a free pass for alleged infidelity or even tiptoe around the subject. It was going to clear the air in a way an interview with a male anchor might not have.

    OMG FEMINISM! Never mind, this is the best book ever! So woman, much empowered, wow.

  2. Cara Reply

    Why on earth would THAT talk show invite Gideon Cross? How is Gideon’s alleged infidelity a female-focused topic? wtf??


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