Calendar Girl (January) Chapter 7: We Find Out Who Mia’s Next Client is

Calendar Girl (January) Chapter 7:

Mia is still thinking about how Wes told her she mattered. He matters to her too! But she knows that they can’t be a couple because she has more work to do. Speaking of which, good old Aunt Millie calls to tell Mia about next month’s assignment.

“You will be heading to Seattle!” Never been there, could be fun, I thought, while she continued on. “This one is going to be interesting. “Alec Dubois is the client. Thirty-five, tall, dark, and handsome, fits the bill, but he’s odd.”

I refrained from commenting. I thought the whole process was strange until I met Wes. Then I realized it was possible for good, kind, normal men to need a companion for one reason or another, and in this particular circumstance, I was glad. Without it, I’d never have met Wes, and he was definitely someone I’d consider significant. He mattered to me too, though I hadn’t mentioned it to him yet.

“…picked you off the website the day after I sent you to Mr. Channing. Made me promise he’d get the next month with you.”

Cringing, I turned and grabbed a blanket off the chair and wrapped myself in it. “Is he a creeper?”

I get the distinct feeling that every single guy is going to be a babe because otherwise there might be no hot sex in the stories! So will this guy be a creeper? Probably not enough to turn this into a non-erotic piece of fiction is my guess.

Millie finds this hysterical and explains that he’s an artist, which isn’t really an actual answer to Mia’s question.

I put her on speaker then looked at the email she’d sent. “Holy, Mother of God.” All the air left my chest.

“He is a looker. Just like Mr. Channing, in reverse? Dark hair, dark eyes, average size.” I nodded staring numbly at a picture of Mr. Alex Dubois, artist, on the screen. There was nothing average about this dude. He was a dead ringer for Ben Affleck. Only he had long hair that was pulled into a small bun at the top of his head and a mustache-beard combo. I couldn’t wait to see just how long that hair was. The man in a word? Fine!

Is anyone else completely put-off by that description? I really am not a fan of these man-buns.

Mia also finds out that if she poses naked for this artist fellow, he’ll pay more money. This is in addition to the extra money he’ll be paying if she sleeps with him!

“Sign me up! As long as I don’t have to sleep with him, I’ll pose nude.” Even saying it out loud lacked sincerity. Boy, was I in trouble. I hadn’t even left Wes yet, and I was already drooling over the next guy in line. I’m a whore.

I wish that moments like these were given a bit more nuance. What do we gain from having Mia make comments like these about her desires? Are we supposed to be like, “Yes, she’s so self-aware. She IS a whore.” I certainly wasn’t thinking that about her for being excited that the next guy was also super hot.

Mia also asks her aunt if she’s allowed to ever see Wes again personally or if she’d be breaking any company rules.

“No, just,” she let out a long breath, “protect your heart. This business isn’t for everyone, and you’ve had a hard road already. Take this time for yourself to have fun, let loose, and experience all that life has to offer. It’s probably one of the only times in your life that you’ll get the chance.” I choked down the rising emotional tide sitting just underneath the surface of my strong façade. “Call me when you meet up with Mr. Dubois. I’ll send everything via email.” That was the last thing she said before hanging up.

I find it so odd that this job is being treated like a gap year trip abroad. I mean, I know this is all shaping up to be amazing because Mia’s clients seem to exclusively be total hunks, but this is a job that she took out of desperation to save her father’s life. If it was so super fun, she probably would have been doing this of he own accord to begin with.

Later, Wes and Mia hook up and he does this really odd thing where he’s “chanting” (Mia’s words) while they’re having sex:

“I was here.” thrust

“Together.” thrust

“Fuck” thrust

“Love this” thrust

“Remember me.” thrust

“I was here” is one of the most ridiculous phrases I have heard a character saying during sex. And we have read all of the Fifty Shades and Crossfire books.

Later, Mia talks to her friend Ginelle on the phone and gets some updates on her family. Her father is still in a coma, and her sister needs money for bills. Ginelle and Mia call each other “skank” and “whore” a lot because there is no stronger evidence of a positive female friendship.

“When you become rich from escorting, will you take me to the ocean?”

I laughed. “And see your skanky ass in a bikini?” I pretended to gag and choke.

“You’re messed up. I’m revoking best friend status.”

“You can’t revoke best friend status. It just is. Like the commandments written in stone. It just is,” I said again lamely.

“Did you just compare our friendship to God’s Ten Commandments? For real?”


“You’re going to hell,” she stated flatly.

“If I do, you’re skanky ass better be there to pick me up!”

She giggled, and I smiled holding the phone tight. “You know I will.”

“I love you, ho.”

“I love you more, slut.”

See what I mean? That’s one ‘skanky ass’ too many. More importantly, the commandments/”just is” thing doesn’t make any sense. God made that shit happen! He specifically told Moses what the commandments were and provided him with the tablets so Moses could share the commandments with everyone else.

And I don’t think comparing something to the “commandments written in stone” means you will be sent to hell. Where in the ten commandments is there a commandment not to make crappy comparisons to the commandments? Nowhere.



  1. Anne Reply

    The biggest question about this series that I have right now if if it will end with twelve different men trying to marry Mia or if it will only be Wes and Mr. Channing who will keep hiring her, while trying to get rid of the other (because every decent romance novel of this kind needs at least a love triangle)

    I really hope there are no girls reading this and ending up believing that working as a call-girl is just as glamorous as is portrayed in this book and want to become a call-girl themselves. I know it probably has a worse reputation than it deserves, but there are definitely downsides that are glossed over in this book.

  2. Judy Reply

    I have an immediate and definitely negative feeling about the man bun and those who sport them. They also make me laugh 🙂


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