Calendar Girl (January) Chapter 9 Part 1: Wes and Mia Re-establish That They Have Feelings


Calendar Girl (January) Chapter 9 Part 1:

Wes cooks breakfast and informs Mia that since it’s her last day, he wanted the whole day with her to himself so he gave his housekeeper the day off. I can’t possibly be the only one who immediately thought he was going to attempt to murder Mia so no one else could have her.

But what exactly is Wes cooking, you didn’t ask?

“Happy cakes.” He waggled his eyebrows, and I laughed. This man was such a dichotomy. Work-a-holic, surfer, escort-hiring, Jeep-driving, rich man, who made pancakes with smiley faces on them.

Are we really supposed to be like, “WOW he works a lot, loves jeeps, is rich AND uses whipped cream to draw a smiley face…on a pancake? This is one complex, multi-faceted dude.”

I shook my head and cut into the small stack of five perfectly round cakes. “You just surprise me. Every time I think I have you figured out, you sideswipe me with something else.”

That is a lot of responsibility for smiley faces on a pancake.

Mia says she wants to go for a ride on her bike and also be very symbolic when Wes asks where they’ll be going:

I grinned and flicked my unruly, morning bedhead hair over my shoulder. “Wherever the bike takes us. It’s not where we go. It’s the journey that counts.”

At least the book sort of acknowledged the ridiculousness:

“That was deep,” he said deadpan.

I shoved him. “Shut the fuck up!” He laughed.

“Come on, Mia. It’s not the ride, it’s the journey? Where did you come up with that shit? Tell me the truth. It was on the sticker when you bought the bike, right?”

I actually found that bit of dialogue pretty amusing. You win this time, Calendar Girl.

They head off for their journey, which is what counts, not the destination, after some making out and debate over who will drive the motorbike. I am actually very confused as to why Wes would assume he would be the one driving Mia’s bike? If I went for a ride in my friend’s car, I would never assume I was the one driving.

“Well, I believe we have a predicament then. Suzi’s my girl, and I’m the only one that drives her. You, my friend, need to wrap those thick thighs around me.” I pushed forward and made room on the back. “Unless you’re worried about your masculinity.”

Wes responds by getting on the bike and immediately feeling Mia up. So I guess his masculinity is preserved…for now.

They wind up driving to a small cove by the beach. It turns out Wes also brought lunch! Mia is like, “What fancy food have you brought us?” and Wes is like, “LOL PB & J!” This guy just keeps the surprises coming. First a smiley face on a pancake and now peanut butter and jelly? I mean, you just would never get bored with a complex man like this.


They have a conversation about how easy it is being together. I find it kind of odd that Wes is like, “Oh, you’re not a drama queen and your needs are so simple.” And it’s like, well, dude this is actually her job! I get that Mia is actually being herself mostly, but how does Wes know this is indicative of how a real relationship between them would be?

They both admit they might be falling in love, and Mia says that after her debt is paid, she’ll come back to L.A. and they can see what happens. Meanwhile, they’ll keep in touch. This seems completely reasonable, actually.

“I don’t want you waiting for me, Wes. If you find something good with someone, you take advantage of it. Have fun. A man like you, who looks the way you do, is not going to have a hard time finding someone to warm your bed.”

“Is that what you’re going to do? Let your clients warm your bed?” His tone was hard, harsher than I expected, but I knew what we were talking about was dangerous territory. It had the power to ruin everything we’d come to have over the past month and could ever have in the future. It was time to tread lightly.

“I’m just saying that for this year, we’re going to go our separate ways. We’re going to do whatever we want.”

He let out a long, slow breath and sat up. “That means you’re not going to wait for me.” A quick burst of air left his nose, like he was holding back a huff.

I shook my head. “No. I’m going to do what feels right at the time, for me. And I want you to do the same. But I don’t want to lose you in my life.”

Wow, is anyone else surprised by how mature and reasonable Mia actually sounds here? For all the times we’ve compared her to Zoey Redbird in the comments, I can’t see Zoey ever having a conversation like this.

They both are sad, but agree that they’ll check in to see where they’re both at in a year. Well, actually eleven months, really! I’m actually curious to see if Mia will end up with Wes in the end or if she’ll fall for someone else along the way. Keep the good times coming, Calendar Girl!



  1. Anonymous Reply

    I’d be interested in seeing whether later down the line any of the boys show up and interfere in her work.

  2. wordswithhannah Reply

    Okay, the “rich and sophisticated man secretly likes something childish and silly” gag works…once. Fine, he makes smiley-face pancakes. But if you keep beating us over the head with it in the same chapter, it looks less like he has a childish indulgence and more like…this stuff is actually all he likes.

    Or the fact that he gave the housekeeper the day off and literally all he can make is PB&J is somehow…charming?

    I’m going to use my book precognition skillz and guess that at least several of these vignettes is going to end with Mia and the client “hopelessly falling for each other” and the series will end with her going “How am I possibly going to choose between all these rich, handsome, eligible men who inexplicably need escorts that truly love me?”

    • Cara Reply

      Yeah, it seems like he just has generally childish tastes, and alongside the “mommy picked out the perfect escort for me” thing… it’s a little creepy.

  3. Utsutsu Reply

    Flasdl;kfjafrfoweoiwefa My Japanese University classified you guys as porn, so I can no longer read this during class :\


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