Everything We (Kind Of) Know About the Tenth Anniversary House of Night Book

House of Night 10th Anniversary Novel:

We haven’t finished the House of Night series yet, and I actually have no idea how it ends (somehow I’ve managed to only hear two character-specific spoilers), but there’s some big House of Night news on the block.

According to these FB/Twitter posts (some of which I have captured in very high-quality screenshots, you’re welcome), THERE IS A NEW 10TH ANNIVERSARY NOVEL COMING OUT?!?!?!

The above are the fruits of my fairly thorough investigative labor. I Googled A LOT and looked for more details on the Casts’ twitter accounts. I even tweeted this and got a like from Kristin Cast on my journey:

However, I can’t find any specifics about what the story will actually be about! I guess this isn’t totally terrible since I don’t want the whole series spoiled, but I do want to know if the plot is basically, “The House of Night has a ten year reunion and all your favourite characters who are still alive return to school to have an awkward high school reunion!” Like that’s all I’m asking for here.

However, I did find an article about how the real Erin Bates tried (and failed) to sue the Casts for defamatory statements about her since – spoilers – Erin is not portrayed so well in the last book (I think she turns evil or something, which might set her apart from her twin for once.) I’m glad the real Erin Bates failed, since there is no way people were actually treating her terribly because the fictional Erin wasn’t portrayed nicely in the final book. I’m sorry, but shut up, real Erin Bates.

So in summary: we know nothing except that there is a tenth anniversary book being written, and I now have renewed enthusiasm about finishing this series so we can speculate wildly about what’s to come. Do any of you have more details? Is this the first you’re hearing about this? And one final, important question via poll:



  1. Honey Reply

    You two continuously fight the good fight. Thank you for your sacrifice.


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  2. Jennifer Layton Reply

    I clicked on the link for the Erin Bates article, and the very introduction made me laugh out loud:

    “The real-life Erin Bates says she was devastated when the character with her name became ‘shallow, materialistic, promiscuous and heartless’ in the 10th book of a popular young adult series about fledgling vampires.”

    So … up until the 10th book, Ms. Bates was perfectly OK with the character being a bumping & grinding jabbering idiot? I want to read the 10th book just to see what it took to push Ms. Bates over the line.


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  3. Judy F. Reply

    ????……but will it hold a candle to the Sweet Valley ten years later book????

    • 22aer22 Post authorReply

      I feel like anything would have to be more interesting than that book, even a House of Night book.

  4. Lougoober Reply

    Guhhh?? 10th anniversary book?? Oh god why.

    This should motivate me to actually finish reading the last book. I spent two years looking for it – it for some reason was never even in Barnes and Noble even though all the other books always were – and finally found it a few months ago, and stopped reading after like 20 pages to read something else. Spoiler alert – nothing has happened in the book yet. Although… well no spoilers, but it’s still a satisfying 20 pages of nothing happening. I’ll just say Zoey comes off a little better than normal in it.

    So, Erin is named after a real person? Are all the other characters (or at least the ones with actual names) as well? I can sort of get the real Erin being upset at her “character” being turned suddenly into a horrible person, but she was okay with all the other books where Erin has no discernible personality? And I’m upset with that news article saying “there are no vampires.” They spell it with a Y in the House of Night books, article writer!

    I hope the Casts are going the Meyer/James route and giving us a retelling of the first book from the male love interest’s perspective. The problem would be, WHICH male love interest?! Although a book from Heath’s perspective would be neat. I’m confident whatever the 10th anniversary novel is, it’ll follow the pattern of “Nothing happens for 95% of the book other than circle-casting, people insulting each other for no reason, and Zoey eating Count Chocula and soda for breakfast but criticizing Aphrodite’s choice of mimosas, and of cousre us being reminded that Damien is gay, Stevie Rae is downhome and Southern, Erik is hot but a jerk, Erin and Shaunee are two people with half a personality, Neferet is eeeeevvilllll, and Stark is like so perfect and hot and amazing even though he’s also a huge jerk but nobody in the books notices that.” I haven’t been keeping up with this blog enough, I don’t know if Stark has showed up yet but if he hasn’t OH MAN.

    • 22aer22 Post authorReply

      Hello!!! If you do ever manage to finish the last book, let us know what you thought of it. I’m prettty sure we’ll blog all the books, but still curious to know beforehand if the last one is as bad.

      Yeah, I don’t get why the real Erin only had a problem with the character if she turned evil later on but was cool with her until that point. I feel like by the last book, it’s pretty clear it’s not slating the real person but just doing something different with the already pretty unlikable character.

      Oh god…a book from any of the love interests’ perspectives alarms me. Maybe it should be Loren. Written in haikus.

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