Calendar Girl (March) Chapter 9: Mia and Wes Make Memories to Last a Lifetime

awkward sadie you're welcome

Previously, Wes surprised Mia with a visit to Chicago. It was a Saint Patrick’s Day miracle!

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Calendar Girl (March) Chapter 9:

Mia sets the scene in a confusing way:

My back hit the wall as the door slammed shut. Wes’s lips, and hands were all over me. Just where I wanted them. The four of us, now drunk, took the limo back to the penthouse. Hector gave me the thumbs up as Tony ushered him to their room. I took that as the okay to have a man here in their home. Though there wasn’t much that could have prevented me from staking my claim over Wes that evening. The whiskey combined with the ache to have him, was far too strong to deny. And that’s how I came to be flush against the wall with Wes’s hard body pinning me in place.

To me, this sounded like her back was hitting the wall in the limo because the four of them were currently drunk and headed back to the penthouse. But no! Most of the paragraph is actually what happened in the past to get them to the moment where they’re hooking up.

It’s very generous of Tony and Hector to be so cool about this. I mean, technically Mia is their employee who they have known for only a couple weeks, so it’s pretty nice of them to let her use their home to hook up with Wes.

Wes’s tongue licked from between my breasts up my neck where he stopped at my ear, biting down. “I love the way you feel. How your body responds to me. Proves that regardless of what you might say, you want me.”

No, but like, a body can be responding even if Mia is saying no, dude. Mia is just like, “Yes that’s true, I have been trying to deny our love but my body shows it!” which makes no sense on multiple levels. Mia has never denied her feelings for Wes, she just said they have to put a relationship on hold. Also, she could very easily be super turned on by him and legitimately be denying her feelings. I’m probably preaching to the choir, but I will write these things as many times as I need to for it is my duty on this blog.

awkward sadie you're welcome

Wes “impales” Mia, and insist that she never forget him. Orgasms and hard fucking are the key to getting a romantic partner to forever treasure the time you spent together and ensure you stay in their hearts and minds for all time.

Our skin was slick with sweat and coated in our joy for one another.

I don’t know what this means, nor do I want to, but I am positive it’s the thing precious memories are made of because following this, Mia assures Wes she will never forget him.

“Let’s get you cleaned up. I’m nowhere near done with you.” He held me close and walked us over to the bathroom across the room.

“Thank God, because I want you again,” I announced while peppering kisses all over his face, licking the salty taste of him off his neck, and enjoying the one man that I’d never lose a taste for.

But how does she know she’ll never “lose a taste” for him? I think the most important lesson Mia needs to learn is to stop thinking these kinds of things before she really gets to know someone. I think we’re supposed to believe at this point their time together was quality enough that we can rest assured that Wes is different than the guys Mia has dated in the past, but she’s already told us she’s wary of love because she’s fallen too quickly in the past…but we haven’t actually seen her be wary of love!

She fell for Wes (and Alec) incredibly fast, but so far her lessons seem to be ‘EMBRACE LOVE MORE AND FASTER” rather than, “Hey, slow down, feel this thing out and get to know the person without immediately being convinced they you’ll love them until the end of time and they’re perfect. There is a middle ground here.”

He set me on the vanity and withdrew. Fluid from his release slid onto the tile counter. He stared at the space between my legs watching his essence leave me.

“Now that, I’ll be thinking about later,” he admitted, a boyish grin firmly in place.

I will also be thinking of this later, but in a much more dejected fashion than Wes, I’m sure.

They go again in the shower, and Mia says incredibly realistic dialogue:

“You want it, sweetheart? You want me to fuck you hard?”

“God yes, please Wes. Love me like you do.”

Everyone quotes Ellie Goulding in the middle of sex, everyone! Ever since Love Me Like You Do was featured in Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s like, come on guys, think of something more original to say in these situations.

Wes tells Mia, “You’re going to come until I’m done. You’re going to squeeze me sweet Mia, proving I control this body.” Aw.

I lost it. Chanting, saying useless, nonsensical things.


“In me…”






I implore you, the next time you are letting someone love you like they do, try to catalogue the one word nonsensical lines that you whisper. It’s so sexy when someone just whispers, “In me” or “burning” randomly to you in the moment.

His rock hard cock reached so high, splitting the tissue inside me wide…

Does Mia need to go to the hospital? This sounds troubling.

After countless orgasms, Wes and Mia promise that they’ll continue to stay in touch for the next 9 months and that Wes will show Mia what she has to look forward to.

The next morning when Mia wakes up, Wes has left her a goodbye note. He tells her how perfect she is and reiterates the promises they made the night before. I don’t really get why he had to leave her a note if he’s just going to call her soon and the night before he was all about enjoying every moment they had together. Why not give her a kiss goodbye? OR EVEN A HUG!

Mia then reiterates to us her logic for not accepting Wes’ money to help her father and how she need to embrace all of these new experiences. It’s still a weird way of looking at all of this. Also, she’s not contractually obligated to have sex with any of these guys, so it doesn’t add up to me that she doesn’t just commit to Wes and not have sex with the clients…

But like I’d encouraged Wes, I was going to live. I could not allow my feelings for him to get in the way of what I was doing, or the experiences I’d promised myself.

I had no idea where my life was going to lead me over the next nine months. As much as I’d have liked to thrown caution to the wind and leave it all, let Wes pay off the loan shark and run to him, I had to do this on my own. This year was going to be the year where I decided what I wanted for the rest of my life. Maybe it was Wes, maybe not. Maybe it was California, maybe Timbuktu. No matter how much my heart wanted to run to him, my mind was set. I’d made my decision. For the next nine months, I was going to live whatever life I wanted while I saved my dad from himself.

I don’t get why these things have to be connected. Why is this the year she has to also figure out her whole life by being an escort? I don’t think anyone would go into this situation with that specific expectation. Like it could happen along the way by chance but not design.



  1. Andreas Reply

    She wants to live the life she wanted … in the time she is hired by people to do what *they* want? Yes, sounds legit.

    • 22aer22 Post authorReply

      Yep, NOW is the time for Mia to really live her life to the fullest depending on what her clients want her to do.

  2. Rebecca Reply

    I feel like every time Wes loops back into the story Mia is going to say the same thing, thus extending a plot that basically resolved itself in book one. And each time, her reasons are going to be even more annoying and nonsensical. Just bang Wes and take his money, Mia. You love him. Get over yourself.

    • 22aer22 Post authorReply

      And there are 9 clients left in this allegedly. Maybe Wes will just hire Mia again for the last few books. It always sounds like the aunt is booking Mia out at the last minute, and if he’s got all this spare cash anyway…that is actually a solution?

  3. wordswithhannah Reply

    I refuse to live in a world where “impaling” and “split my tissue” (EWWWW) are a sign that I’m reading an erotic romance and not, say, Friday the 13th fanfiction.

      • 22aer22 Post authorReply

        I have become so jaded by reading this terrible erotica that I almost skipped over those lines because my eyes sort of glaze over during the sex scenes now. But then I like snapped out of it and was like OH WAIT EW SHIT EW


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