Bad Books Pop Quiz #1

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Bad Books Pop Quiz #1:

How much attention are you realllly paying to the books we’re reading? Here’s your chance to prove you are the best reader of a blog about bad books. Now, we’re operating on the honor system here, so no one will know if you’ve gone back and checked this week’s posts. However, you probably won’t be able to live with yourself if you cheat even though the stakes have never been lower.

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And finally a little bonus question from me!

I’ll ~reveal~ the correct answers next week, any stand-out custom answers and the % of people who were correct. Feel free to add your answers to the comments below to get all the glory or mockery depending on your choices.


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  1. AW Reply

    Do I read these books? Hell no! Reading the blog makes me enjoy the act of not reading these books.


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  2. khelekmir Reply

    I was shocked that so many people thought Wes was boning Mia’s only friend, but apparently Gin and Gina aren’t the same person.

    I guess this means Mia’s only friend is alcohol?


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    • matthewjulius Reply

      oh dang, I didn’t even notice that! these characters are so unmemorable I didn’t even notice that even in the first book we got two that had confusingly similar names.

  3. Natalie Marrujo Reply

    Sometimes, the quizzes could be difficult. It is what it is… BBGT is brought to you by Klebkatt’s Bad Fanfiction Theater and Read Not; shadhardblogger’s The Bad Fanfiction Zone; The Retributionists (; and the Sarcasm Squad (

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