BBGT Back Next Week, and Used Book Club Deadline News

Hello, dearest readers! We’re taking this week off. Ariel’s busy traveling and Matthew’s busy processing that he had a fight about Fifty Shades of Grey on OK Cupid and that this is his real life. We’ll be back next week for more Calendar Girl and A Court of Mist and Fury. Maybe this will be the week when some mist shows up. In either of them, honestly, I don’t care.

In other exciting news, we want to send out the quarter 2 book for our used book club (it’s a real thing!) in late May, so next Friday, May 12, is the deadline to sign up for our Patron to receive the next used book. There’s tons of benefits at different membership levels for our Patreon, like:

  • Membership in our quarterly used book club! I already mentioned this one! All the thrill of getting a thing in the mail, all of the suspense of wondering what books Ariel and Matthew actually like!
  • Exclusive content! We go more in-depth into topics like “What’s Up With Calendar Girl?” and muse about how to manage reading lists.
  • Directly supporting Bad Books, Good Times, which I know is very abstractly a direct benefit to you as an individual, but Patreon covers the majority of our bills and also helps us do stuff like write about The Bachelorette. Did you know The Bachelorette premieres May 22? We’d really like to cover it again if we reach our goal!

Just imagine: come May 22nd, we could spend a whole week making fun of Tamlin, Rhysand, whatever dude shows up in the next Calendar Girl novella, and whatever dudes show up on this show. Tell me that doesn’t sound delightful. Take a look at our Patreon to find out more!




  1. Rebecca Reply

    I got in a fight with my hairdresser about 50 Shades. I know how you feel.

  2. Madeline Reply

    I don’t know if I’m psychologically prepared for The Bachelorette again, but I do want to say that Rachel looks gorgeous. Stomp that rose!


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