A Court of Mist and Fury Chapter 13: The Book Begins its Campaign to Make Us Love Rhysand in Earnest

britney spears confused

A Court of Mist and Fury Chapter 13:

Feyre wakes up at the Night Court with Rhys watching over her, “No kindness in his eyes. Nothing but unending, icy rage.” Obviously this is not directed at Feyre rather Tamlin because Rhysand is the true perfect boyfriend of the story.

Rhysand explains why Mor was the one to rescue Feyre:

“By law and protocol,” he said, stretching out his long legs, “things would have become very complicated and very messy if I had been the one to walk into that house and take you. Smashing that shield was fine, but Mor had to go in on her own two feet, render the sentries unconscious through her own power, and carry you over the border to another court before I could bring you here.

Why was he allowed to smash through the shields but not enter the house?

britney spears confused

Or else Tamlin would have free rein to march his forces into my lands to reclaim you. And as I have no interest in an internal war, we had to do everything by the book.”

I never thought I’d say this, but we need more details about these very specific laws and protocols.

Feyre doesn’t know what to do, she’s not ready to go back to the Spring Court but she also isn’t sure where else she would ago.

He waved a hand, the wings fading. “Stay here for however long you want. Stay here forever, if you feel like it.”

I have to admit, I did like this. I don’t like that again Feyre is trapped. It’s different in the sense that Rhysand actually isn’t forcing her/tricking her into staying, but it’s a shame that Feyre doesn’t really have another choice.

Feyre considers what life would be like if she returned to the Spring Court:

He’d bring me back to the Spring Court the moment I asked.

Bring me back to silence, and those sentries, and a life of doing nothing but dressing and dining and planning parties.

I”m curious what Feyre expected her life to be like? If things had gone completely back to normal after Amarantha, all Feyre seemed to want was to be with Tamlin and have a peaceful life, so what was she expecting that to be like? I can totally understand not wanting to be guarded all the time and be able to move freely, but she’s complaining more about the other obligations.

Rhysand summoned a mug of hot tea from nowhere and handed it to me. “Drink it.”


Rhysand and Feyre chat a bit about which High Lord gave her each of her powers, and then he informs Feyre that he has to go away for business. She begs to go with him rather than stay at the Night Court. Rhysand agrees, but warns her that if she comes she’ll have to keep everything she sees a secret. Feyre agrees, and they’re off to “Velaris – the City of Starlight”. This sounds suspiciously like plot might actually happen! Bring it on!

They winnow to Velaris, and it’s actually super sunny. Hey, wait a minute, we were promised starlight! But we gloss over this intriguing mystery to discuss the house that they’ve arrived at. Raise you hand if you care if I skip over pages of description for Rhysand’s house – no one? Okay, great.

This house … this house was a home that had been lived in and enjoyed and cherished.

And it was in a city.

It might seem a bit ridiculous that the chapter ends on a very ‘well dur’ note, but Feyre was expecting this to be a city in ruins post-Amarantha. Like every new character we’ve seen in this book, this new location, too, was spared from Under the Mountain. This kind of reminds me of how in Pokemon everyone was like, “There are only 150 types of Pokemon in the whole world! Oh, wait, look at that continent over there that has SO MANY MORE! How could we have missed that for all these years?”

Let’s be real, I probably should have done two chapters this week but NAH NAH MATTHEW IS DOING IT TOMORROW INSTEAD!



  1. Rebecca Reply

    I find the world building in these books weird because it makes sense to casually mention things every so often and be like “no one thinks it’s a thing because it’s common in this world” but I almost feel like every single thing in this world is a casual mention and at some point it’s like “BUT EXPLAIN SO THERE CAN’T BE DEUS EX MACHINA CONSTANTLY.”

    I have commented on every single one of these posts and really need to get a life.

  2. Krista B Reply

    This book is taking forever! There are so many parts I want to get to, but it’s taking forever. Just like reading it! Except I did audio book, so I was at least driving and jogging while a bunch of nothing was happening.

    I remember being so frustrated with how long it took to spit out a back story or explain a city or a house. Glad you skipped it!

    • Rebecca Reply

      I made the mistake of dragging my boss at work into the mess that is this books series, and she was listening to this one on tape as well. One morning she came into work and talked for like fifteen minutes about how everything is described ad nauseum and nothing is happening. Lol.


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