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Hello, dear readers! Ariel’s traveling this week and I got my chapters mixed up, so we’re off this week and we’ll be back next week. Teasers: ACOMAF has a fight scene for once and Calendar Girl… yeah, I still don’t know what’s happening in Calendar Girl.

In the meantime, I’d like to open up some community chit-chat! As long as we’re taking a break from bad books this week, what do you actually like right now? I’ll go first!

  • Books: I just read Melissa Broder’s So Sad Today, which is one of the best collections of personal essays about anxiety, depression, and love that I’ve ever read. Also the saddest (obvs). And I just started reading Kristen Sollee’s Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive.
  • Podcasts: Depending on how you define “fun”, the podcasts I’ve been unwinding to lately are Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn, Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine, dating podcast Why Oh Why, and My Favorite Murder. For the dreaded news podcasts, I’ve really been into Humorless Queers and Jezebel’s Big Time Dicks lately.
  • Music: The National, Grizzly Bear, and LCD Soundsystem have stunning new albums out that I’ve been playing on repeat. There’s been an overwhelming amount of great new music out this year, so I’m gonna plug the female-fronted punk band Diet Cig’s debut album too.
  • TV: I just watched season 4 of Bojack Horseman and I’m wrapping up season 3 of You’re The Worst, because apparently I really really want to feel sad about laughing right now.
  • Movies: Guess how many movies you can watch during two flights between New York and Toyko? Guess how often I choose good movies to watch on intercontinental flights? Hidden Figures was awesome! Also decided to watch at least one Japanese movie on this flight and watched Memoirs of a Murderer, which was an absolutely bonkers, plot twist-laden thriller in all the best ways.
  • Video Games: I finally entered the brave new world of buying cell phone games and played a gorgeous puzzle game called Monument Valley. And I’ve been playing Life Is Strange, one of those narrative-driven “you make decisions and your choices affect the story” games that have been fun to see spring up the past few years. I started playing an indie turn-based stealth game called Invisible Inc by I double clicked on it by accident, but it turned out it was super fun! This really happened, I’m actually that much of a mess! One of my friends got me into Overwatch a little bit. And I’m playing Super Metroid on my 3DS because somehow I’ve never played that.

How about you? What stuff’s been good for you lately?



  1. Jennifer Layton Reply

    Since you are a fan of The Room, I think you’d really like the podcast How Did this Get Made? Three comedians get together and tackle a specific movie in each podcast. Snark at its finest. Sometimes they will also snag an interview with the folks involved in the movie.

  2. Ellie Reply

    I finally picked up the Mistborn trilogy this month and am now on the final book. I know some spoilers and my heart’s broken, so it’s super slow-going for me because I wanna savor the (relatively) happier times haha. It’s a fantastic trilogy though. As for music, The Neighbourhood just dropped a new EP and I’m in love tbh.

  3. Andreas Reply

    I have started reading the Books of the Cataclysm and the Books of Change by Sean Williams which looks like enjoyable bizarre fantasy. Also replaying The Void so I can finally put a Let’s Play diary of it on my blog because I think the game is art.

  4. wordswithhannah Reply

    On my last international flight, I watched the Assassin’s Creed movie and yikes. I still can’t be 100% sure I didn’t doze off at some point during its running time because I reached the end and thought “wait, who’s this? what are they doing? why are they doing this? am I supposed to be sad that dude just died? did he have a name?”

    It was pretty to look at, I guess, but that cast deserved a lot better than that script/marketing department.


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