A Court of Mist and Fury Chapter 64: The Stakes Still Feel Lower Than Ever

A Court of Mist and Fury Chapter 64:

Tamlin has just made his grand entrance, which leads a lot of glaring.

He’d been working with the King of Hybern. “No,” I breathed.

But Tamlin dared one more step closer, staring at me as if I were a ghost. Lucien, metal eye whirring, stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

How is Tamlin so up his own ass that he still expects Feyre to come running to him right now?

Tamlin confirms with the king that he has his word, and for some reason the king then decides, in true villain fashion, to waste time explaining the whole bargain!

“We made a bargain. I give you over, and he agrees to let my forces enter Prythian through his territory. And then use it as a base as we remove that ridiculous wall.”

Everyone is gasping and honestly it is pretty shocking that someone could be so stupid. Tamlin should have learned his lesson from Amarantha. Why is he trusting this guy? Why is jeopardising fucking everything worth it just to force Feyre to come back to him?

The king cuts in and is like OH YEAH, THERE’S MORE!

“There’s that other bit too, too. The other thing I wanted,” the king went on. “Well, Jurian wanted. Two birds with one stone, really. The High Lord of Night dead— and to learn who his friends were. It drove Jurian quite mad, honestly, that you never revealed it during those fifty years.”

I love that he offers no further explanation about why Jurian was waiting fifty years with baited breath for Rhys to reveal who his friends were. Imagine this conversation between the king and Jurian where Jurian had to explain, “I want this man dead, but I also want to know who he hangs out with, can you make that happen?”

The king says Jurian can do whatever he wants with them, so everyone just continues to stand around glaring at each other.

He also announces that the next part of his plan is to break the bond between Feyre and Rhys so she won’t have to go visit him once a month. If he’s about to kill Rhys, this is totally and completely unnecessary, right? Why would he waste time on this?

Feyre begs them not to do this, and Tamlin mansplains the situation:

“You weren’t well,” Tamlin snarled. “He used that bond to manipulate you. Why do you think I was gone so often? I was looking for a way to get you free. And you left.”

Right. Okay. Why on earth wouldn’t he just tell her that? Why go on all these secret missions?

Feyre keeps telling Tamlin she’s not interested in going home with him. She notices that Rhys is extra tense, and she realizes he’s trying to…hide their mating scent. How you can have control over this is beyond me, but I would love to learn their tips and tricks so I can fart whenever wherever and keep that shit on lock down.

Jurian’s sword was already out— and he was looking at Mor as if he was going to kill her first.

Did you feel like the stakes just got higher? Stop. They didn’t.

Feyre manages to break the hold on her power by…mentally whispering about how she’s not a Fae but she is a Fae and how it doesn’t hold her. This works for some reason, and when Tamlin grabs for her…she winnows to the other side of the room. That is how she chose to use the power.

Somehow, right after this, everyone somehow realizes that Feyre and Rhys are mates. Tamlin is instantly like, “What did you do to her?” Apparently having no understanding about how mates work in this world.

Anyway, loads of soldiers suddenly come into the room and…do nothing really. But then the four remaining queens enter, so all the villains are now in one place…doing nothing really. Except they do bring Feyre’s sisters into the room, so maybe the stakes are higher now. Maybe.



  1. Andreas Reply

    Isn’t it awesome that all villains show up together? I’m pretty sure they were all sitting in the next room, playing poker and knitting scarves since a week just waiting for the perfect moment when Feyre & gang finally show up so they can jump out, shout “Mwahahahaha! Got you!” and look menancingly.

    I bet they rehearsed it a couple of times. Some servant of the King of Hybern (does that guy have a name, btw?) was ordered to come into the cauldron-room at random time whiles Jurian was listening at the door, trying to find out if he could hear movement through the door or if they need to keep it open a little bit and hide that openness by magic or whatever. Meanwhile the other villains played RPS to determine in which order they would come out. (“NOOOO! Lost again! I don’t want to go last! But … I’m the king here! I say best of 27 games! Royal decree!” – Mortal Queens /rolleyes)

  2. Krista B Reply

    I kept waiting for all the people who filed in to do something, but it never happened. I guess they just needed an audience. Also, Feyre’s powers are so confusing. Also, either Cassian or Azriel (I forget which one is shot) should be dead, but they are just dying the whole time we are explaining all these back deals. Also, Jurian never makes sense.


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