A Court of Mist and Fury Chapter 67: Feyre Is Totally Not Suspicious At All

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I swear this book is actually almost over. Like “next week, we finish” almost over.

A Court of Mist and Fury: Chapter 67

The chapter kicks off with Feyre fainting, and then in sentence two she un-faints “mere seconds” later. Good share, ACOMAF. This was an important detail that mattered.

So where are we at in this climax? The primary antagonist is doing magic tattoo removal because his ally and enemy’s love lives are integral to his upcoming military invasions? Sure, that’s about right.

Tamlin yanked off the glove on my left hand.
Pure, bare skin greeted him. No tattoo.
I was sobbing and sobbing, and his arms came around me. Every inch of them felt wrong. […]
The king merely waved a hand at [Rhysand]. “You are free to go, Rhysand. Your friend’s poison is gone. The wings on the other, I’m afraid, are a bit of a mess.”

There’s some sorta good tension where Feyre can’t tell if the others know she’s putting on an act so they can escape with her sisters, and just pleads at them to somehow guess that she deus ex machina’d the King’s wards away.

Well, specifically, Rhysand. The climax really wants us to doubt the strength of Feyre and Rhysand’s relationship by making it seem like Rhysand – of all people present – is the one who hasn’t picked up on what Feyre is doing. It does make sense to pin the tension on that in the climax since this was a story all about them falling in love, but also, uh, we just read six hundred pages of this? 

I looked—just once—at Rhysand, and Cassian, and Mor, and Azriel.
They were already looking at me. Faces bloody and cold and enraged. But beneath them … I knew it was love beneath them. They understood the tears that rolled down my face as I silently said good-bye.
Then Mor, swift as an adder, winnowed to Lucien. To my sisters. To show Rhys, I realized, what I’d done, the hole I’d blasted for them to escape—

Book One: “Feyre and Tamlin are perfect for each other.”
Book Two: “Actually, Feyre and Rhysand are perfect for each other.”
Book Two Climax: “OR ARE THEY?
Book One: “Whoa, what the fuck happened after I left?!”

Book One showing up to Book Two’s climax like….

Mor slams Lucien away (sweet), grabs Feyre’s sisters, and winnows away. Rhysand lunges to Az and Cassian and winnows away too, “and did not even turn toward me”. Enough of your games, Book TwoWe know he’s not really mad.

The king freaks out, not understanding what happened to the wards. Lucien freaks out because his mate is gone. Also she probably hates him, but we know that doesn’t matter to Lucien and Tamlin.

“Get her back,” he snarled at Tamlin over the ranting of the king. A mate—a mate already going wild to defend what was his.
Tamlin ignored him. So I did, too.

It pleases me greatly that no one gives a shit about Lucien’s mate crisis.

The king freaks out again when he realizes Feyre doesn’t have the Book of Breathings. Feyre’s just like “Your mistake”. Somehow none of this tips off the King that Feyre is definitely up to some shit.

The King tells Tamlin that he expects him back when they retrieve the Book. Feyre, Tamlin, and Rhysand leave as the mortal queens apparently start deciding who’s going to enter the Cauldron and all become immortal first. I guess that’s not important for us to actually see. The climax only happened because they were motivated by this is all.

I said to the king, and Jurian, and the queens assembled, already at the lip of the Cauldron and hissing over who would go in first, “I will light your pyres myself for what you did to my sisters.”
Then we were gone.


The King and his allies receiving death threats from someone who’s sorta kinda aligned with their other ally, I guess


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    also that summary is amazing. you guys are the heroes we deserve.


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