Beautiful Sacrifice Chapter 11: TWINS!

Previously, Falyn realised she might have feelings for Taylor. If this development felt abrupt, you’re not alone.

Beautiful Sacrifice Chapter 11:

Falyn meets Taylor for their night out. Except, unbeknownst to her, she’s actually meeting Taylor’s twin brother Tyler! A SECOND MADDOX BRO HAS BEEN THROWN INTO THE MIX! What will happen now?

“Hey,” I said. His eyes lit up.


“Are you ready to go in? Or are you waiting on anyone else?” I asked.

He shook his head once, his eyes pouring over me. “Just you.”


He looked at me differently, like we were meeting for the first time.

Oh man, this is wild! The most wild part is that Tyler is just going along with this like it’s totally normal. Why isn’t he introducing himself to this stranger?

“I’m just trying to figure you out. Want a drink?”

I get why he’s trying to figure her out – this sure must seem like an abrupt turn of events, but I still feel like there’s something so off about his reaction to her.

The air between us felt weird. He was a million miles away but acutely aware of me at the same time. Something was off.

As silly as this situation is, it is kind of cool that Falyn can just feel something off about the situation based on how Taylor usually is around her.

Tyler starts banging on about how gorgeous Falyn is and how every guy in town should be chasing her. Again, this is confusing because how does he know every guy in town isn’t chasing her? Does Tyler have some sort of spreadsheet tracking who every guy in town is into?

“You just said there are a lot of attractive women here, so I’m throwing a bullshit flag, a big bright yellow one.”

“That, right there. Most women don’t call bullshit. Most women are willing to forgive ninety-eight percent of it just to see if a guy who might be paying attention to them will turn out to be anything more.”

“I’d love to see where you got that statistic. GQ?”

Good for Falyn for that response, but let’s step back for a second. Tyler and Falyn have barely said a word to each other, and he’s telling her every guy in town should be chasing her because she calls bullshit on him…after he’s already told her every guy in town should be chasing her.

“Personal experience. You, however, don’t let shit slide. I knew that the second you opened your mouth. You’re more than just attractive. You aren’t looking for someone, and you need no one. That’s hot.”

Ew. I know this is supposed to sound empowering, but it just sounds patronising as hell. I’m tired of men in these books acting like a woman asking a question or having a brain is this shocking turn of events.

Also, it’s especially insincere and patronising since this isn’t even Taylor like we’re still supposed to think. Tyler has known Falyn for all of thirty seconds, so this is clearly bullshit.

“You’re ridiculous [sic. There really is a missing quotation mark here.]

He leaned in, staring at my lips. “What is ridiculous is the sudden urge I have to kiss that smart-ass mouth of yours.”

Despite how weird Falyn keeps telling us this night feels, she instantly agrees to make out with him.

…he didn’t feel right, and that alone was enough disappointment to ruin everything we’d accomplished so far.

You know you’re witnessing true love blossom because she didn’t feel anything when she accidentally kissed his twin!

eye rol

When they break apart, Falyn notices someone from town judging them. Tired of feeling like a whore she…slaps Tyler-not-Taylor.

I did the only thing left to do. I shoved Taylor away and then slapped the shit out of him.

I am all for slapping a Maddox bro, but there is no way this was the last thing to do.

“What the fucking fuck?” I heard Taylor’s voice yell, but he hadn’t spoken.

GASP! It’s the real Taylor!

Everyone is shocked and confused. Especially me because it’s unclear to me why Taylor didn’t tell Falyn she would be meeting his twin. That just seems like a good thing to give someone a heads up about.

The Maddox bros immediately begin brawling with one another, and it’s apparently common knowledge that you should just let them get it out of their system. I have no idea how this is common knowledge.

A crowd began to form around us, and Darren rushed over. When recognition hit, a similar resignation softened his face.

“Darren!” I yelled. “Do your job!”

Darren’s eyebrows shot up. “Have you seen these two fight?”

Has Tyler visited Taylor before or something? Did the bouncer read this series? He must have to be so absolutely correct.

The brothers stood up, bloody, their shirts ripped.

This is a befitting conclusion to a ridiculous fight between ridiculous people, and it is my favorite line of this entire book so far.

Falyn heads home and the real Taylor follows her. He also wants to make out! But Falyn decides not to make out with both brothers in one night. Somehow the fight is also about how jealous and furious Taylor is – he’s a Maddox bro, of course he’s jealous and furious – but also about whether Falyn is just using him to get to Eakins. At this point, he’s already agreed to take her, so can we just stop angsting about that plot point?

The chapter ends with Falyn talking to one of the owners of the cafe who witnessed the end of her fight with Taylor. His takeaway is that Falyn should tell him what happened in her past so that Taylor can be there for her when they go to Eakins. It’s kind of sweet, but it’s not enough to save this weird chapter.




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    GROOOOOSS. I know consent as a concept is on shaky enough ground with McGuire as it is, but Falyn is literally being coerced into kissing someone through deception. HOLY SHIT WHY.

    Oh, but it’s super hot when women aren’t easy sluts and have opinions so thanks for that nugget of faux feminism, you sister on the ground, you.


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