Help Us Celebrate Our First Birthday! Ask Us Anything!

Things are going to be really crazy for Ariel and myself in the next two weeks. On May 19th, we graduate from college. On May 20th, we celebrate one year of Bad Books, Good Times. We’ve decided that the best way to celebrate the blog’s first birthday, since blogs can’t eat cake, would be with a celebratory video feature. Ariel and I are going to sit down with our friend Marissa who did a fake interview with us for our first eBook, and do a real interview with your questions!

So leave a question on this post, on our Facebook, through our Twitter, and we’ll answer it. Ask us any stupid or serious or silly or sacrilegious question you can think of, and we’ll answer it. Ask us why we read bad books, what superpower would we like to have, what advice we’d give to someone starting their own blog, what dinosaur we would be most afraid of, what our personal favorite BBGT posts are, how we feel about the UK Independence Party’s recent gains in the 2013 county council elections, whether we believe in true love, whether we believe cows would be good conversationalists, whether we feel bad that we’ve achieved mild internet success by spending a year relentlessly making fun of people day after day, and we’ll answer it.

Don’t ask us if we’ve ever done doggy stile.

So help us celebrate Bad Books, Good Times‘s first birthday! Ask us some questions!



  1. Bellomy Reply

    Here’s a question: Why on EARTH did I wait until last night to pull an all-nighter and write, like, 7 essays and do a 30 page take home test when I had anywhere between the entire semester and two weeks to do them, depending on the assignment? You would think I’d have learned by now, wouldn’t you?

    Oh, yeah, to you guys: Can you do “Chicken, Chicken” for your Goosebumps book this Halloween? WORST. GOOSEBUMPS. EVER. It’s just glorious. Just look up reviews, it is truly awful.

    Also, congratulations!

    • Tâmara Reply

      I didn’t read this one, but ugh, this is like the worst Goosebumps cover. And there’s lots of bad stuff in the world of Goosebumps covers. But yeah, Let’s get invisible is pretty bad, too.

  2. Chlobo Reply

    i’m gonna go ahead and, what super power would you want?
    also, 1) (this one is sorta depressing) if your significant other died and you were facebook official about the relationship, would you immediately change back to single or would you keep it “in a relationship” for a while after their death? 2) do you prefer songs that you can get DOWN and DIRTY to, or songs with meaningful lyrics? 3) what’s your favorite book?

  3. Beatriz Reply

    1) What advice would you give to someone starting their own blog?
    2) Would you prefer win a lot of money writing a book you don’t like, or being a complete failure writing the book you always dreamed of writing?
    3) What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
    4) Dogs or cats?

  4. shivani Reply

    So do you guys like vanilla icecream?? 😉

  5. Jane Lovering Reply

    Have you ever run with scissors? What is your view of those who *do* run with scissors?

    Oh, and congratulations on your blog-birthday!

  6. Judy Reply

    If you were a “Soul” what “Host” character in any book you have read for this blog would you choose to be inserted into?

  7. Tâmara Reply

    Hey, congratulations. Although it’s not the anniversary yet, but whatever.
    1)What’s your favorite Pixar movie?
    2)What’s your favorite fruit? That’s important, ok?
    3)How was your first date?
    4)Do you have a favorite dog breed?

  8. Lily Reply

    1.) Happy Birthday, so here’s an awkward question. If you had to live with any fictional couple for all of eternity, would you choose to live with Anastasia Steele and Christian, or Gidgeon and Eva ?And you would have to sleep in the room just beneath them, by the way.

  9. Julia Reply

    How did your friends and families react when you told them you were starting this blog? Also who do you think would win in a fist fight: Batman or Iron Man?

  10. Tash Reply

    Fuck, marry, kill…. Christian, Gideon, and, the best character ever, Ray?

  11. bookbaron Reply

    “Was there one thing in any of the books you have thus far reviewed that you were ashamed that you actually liked? What was it?”


    “Has anyone actually stopped you on the street with “Hey! I know you! You write that blog!” yet?”

  12. E.H.Taylor Post authorReply

    Hmmm. Lots of questions, but first of all, congrats on making it a whole year of reading terrible books! Not only does your blog save us from reading these books ourselves, but it’s also a great tutorial on how /not/ to write!

    1) Since starting this blog, have you ever asked yourself, “What would my inner goddess do?”
    2) We know that orange juice is just ‘divine’. What drink would you consider as celestial?
    3) Do you ever think you will run out of bad books to write about?
    4) Now that you’re almost done with school, if someone were to offer you your dream job, what would it be?
    5) Is there a book you have read that you thought was absolutely amazing until you really thought about it or talked to someone else and realized it’s actually quite terrible?

  13. Annie Reply

    1.) (This one is super important, btw) Damon or Stefan Salvatore?
    2.) If you were to start a “Great Books, Good Times”-Version of your blog, what sort of books would you like to write about?
    3.) Best movie ever?
    4.) Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?
    5.) Best/worst College experience you have made?


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