How Did You Find Us?

Hello, friends! Matt and I were curious as to how people are finding the blog, so we decided to create some polls. Please answer! This information could be super useful to us for promoting the blog.

If you found us through a search engine, what kind of search were you doing? If you remember the specific search you did and fill that in, bonus points!

And finally, are you a repeat offender or is this your first time visiting the blog?

Thanks, guys! Happy Saturday!



  1. Bellomy Reply

    In my case, somebody linked to your blog on a thread about Ffty Shades in the NaNoWriMo forums. Started reading from the first page and real all the way through. I was totally hooked.

  2. E.H.Taylor Post authorReply

    I found it on the NaNo forums as well, but it wasn’t one about Fifty Shades; guess there are a lot of WriMos who read this blog!

  3. scummy48 Reply

    I know this is a million years old, but I figured I’ll explain how I found this sight. I was with my boyfriend of the time, and I was trying to explain the gold balls that Christian puts in Ana’s vagina to him. I wanted to know if they were real things so I looked up “the balls christian put in ana fifty shades” or something, and your blog appeared. I was pretty embarrassed when I discovered that you could see the search I did to get me here, but hey, that search led me to many months of laughter so I’m ok with it.


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