Shame: Reflected in You Chapter 11

Chapter 11

It just hit me that Gideon and Eva have taken more baths together than days they’ve gone without fighting. That’s saying something.

While in the bath, Gideon wants to know about Brett because this is an appropriate time to talk about exes. Eva won’t reveal anything, though, because Gideon never tells her anything. First, though, before secrets can be divulged, Eva wants to know if Brett is okay.

There was a pause before he answered . “There’s no permanent damage. Would you care if there was?”

“Of course I’d care.” I heard his teeth grind.

How dare Eva worry about whether or not Brett has a permanent injury because of Gideon. God, it’s like she’s cheating on him all over again, the slut! SLUT SHAME THE SLUTTY MCSLUT SLUT!

Eva asks a whole series of interesting questions to Gideon that I personally would love to know the answers to. Unlike Eva, I’m aware that Day is going to hold out as long as humanly possible before she tells us any of these things. Well, actually she’s going to answer one of these upcoming questions. Not a full answer, but part of one. Damn it.

“Let’s talk about what I don’t know. Why do you own so much of Vidal Records? Why do you hate your family home? Why are you estranged from your parents? What’s between you and Dr. Terrence Lucas? Where’d you go the other night when I had that nightmare? What’s behind your nightmares? Why—”

So the question Gideon chooses to half answer is the one about Dr. Terrence Lucas. This must be either because it’s not all that important and therefore easier for Gideon to answer. OR is it super important. So super important that Day wants to to give us a teaser so we want more? I bet it’s that one. Anyway, this is what we find out. Sorry it took me so long to get to that bit, it’s like I’m Meyer/Day/James all in one right now.

“I screwed her,” he spat. “There. Do you feel better?”

I shot up so fast, water surged over the edge of the tub. My stomach cramped. “You screwed Corinne?”

Why would he choose to lead with that? And not what he says next:

“No, damn it.” His face was flushed. “Lucas’s wife.”

“Oh . . .” I remembered the photo I’d found of her through my Google search. “She’s a redhead,” I said lamely.

“My attraction to Anne was based entirely on her relationship to Lucas.”

Gideon doesn’t really explain why he hated Lucas so much he’d do that aside from saying that he alienated Gideon from his family. But I guess this is still something. Apparently, the big twist is somehow just that this woman was a redhead and not a brunette.

Then the conversation somehow becomes about how Gideon and Eva are surprised that anyone could love them. Because apparently this woman Anne fell in love with Gideon, and when she said she was going to leave Lucas for him, he was like, “LOL bai.” Poor Gideon, he was just trying to have a revenge!affair and then the dumb bitch had to go fall in love. Amiright? Shame the slut!bitch!

Now it’s Eva’s turn to share! But she is ashamed of being a slut in the past. So we don’t have to shame her. Whew, thank god. I was getting so exhausted with all my “shame shame shame!” finger wagging. She also promises that Brett was just a phase and not someone she loved. She and Gideon both apologize for their slutty pasts and sit in their bath of shame together.

Later, they drink coffee and Gideon actually says nice things. Like how this all actually made him understand where Eva is coming from when it comes to Corinne and he should have been more sensitive. They both talk about how jealous they are and how violent it makes them, and I have to say I get it. I once starfished a girl in the face because she try to pull Boyfriend over to her while we were out at a club. And I have a running list of Bitches I May Potentially Fuck Up If I Meet Them. I reluctantly empathize with Gideon and Eva. I point my finger of shame upon myself.

This leads to a particularly yucky make out session.

We ate at each other, growing wilder by the second until we were fucking each other’s mouths, passionately mating with lips and tongues and tiny bites.

Oh my god ew! I never want to make out with anyone again ever. That is so awful.


Gideon comes from this make out session. Just like full on jizzes all over Eva while they’re making out. So that in itself is weird, but then the next two lines go and make things even fucking weirder somehow.

His grip loosened, his lungs heaving. “Your kisses are mine.”

Any time anyone mentions kisses, I immediately wonder if they are taco flavored.
Any time anyone mentions kisses, I immediately wonder if they are taco flavored.

“Yes. Gideon . . .” I was shaken , left emotionally raw and open by the most erotic moment of my life.

THE MOST EROTIC MOMENT OF HER LIFE?!?!?!? Pardon my abundance of punctuation, but for Christ’s sake. Eva is constantly telling us how sexy and erotic her time with Gideon is, and this is the moment she chooses as the best of the best? Voiceactivated orgasms be damned, it’s all about kisses now.

They sleep after this, and when they wake up they fix themselves some lunch ’cause they slept so dang late. I only report this because I noticed that whenever Day talks about Gideon and Eva eating together, she constantly has to point out when they’re eating cross-legged, like this is supposed to mean something. But what does it symbolize? Could it be an allusion to Christ? Could it be that Eva is sort of closing her legs? Could it be that this is somehow supposed to be…cute for some reason?

We went the easy route and made sandwiches, which we took into the living room and ate cross-legged on the couch facing each other.

If she hadn’t pointed that out this time, would I have been sitting here like, “But they’re facing each other. But. But. But what about their legs? What’s going on with the position of their legs, good god I must know these things!”

They go for a walk on the beach and stupidly decide to purchase this property together. But less stupidly Gideon reveals that the reason he isn’t too fond of is mother is that she didn’t believe him about whatever it was that happened in his past. There’s actually a really touching moment where Eva is like, “I believe you.” I enjoyed it. Shut up.

Eva and Gideon make smores and Eva uses these smores and promises of sexy smore time to get Gideon to agree to invite his teenage sister Ireland to dinner with Eva and her dad. Well that will sure be fun to read about.



  1. scummy48 Reply

    Okay I’m sorry, but who are dr. Lucas and Anne and Corrine? Corrine is the only name that sounds familiar but even her I have absolutely no memory of what her part in this story is.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      Corinne is Gideon’s ex-finance, and Dr. Lucas showed up for two seconds at this event that Gideon and Eva were at, and Gideon displayed some animosity towards him, which Eva wanted to find out more about. Anne is that dude’s wife!

  2. Madeline Reply

    Yeah jizzing in a bathtub, that’s definitely the most romantic moment of any girl’s life! Also I looked up star fishing a girl because I didn’t know what that meant, how dare you.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      Yeah I guess that’s not a universal term! Basically it just means I spread my hand out like a starfish and put it in a girl’s face. It wasn’t all that violent, but damn if it wasn’t hilarious!

      Dude, it wasn’t even in the bathtub it was just when they were making out later! God, if it had been while making out AND in the bathtub that would have been just the worst.

  3. shivani Reply

    even i was wondering who this dr. Lucas was…. And is this the first time Ireland is being mentioned??

    • 22aer22 Reply

      Ireland was mentioned in the last book one time when Eva went to the party at Gideon’s house, but it was so brief I forgot about it. Which is SO weird because how the fuck did I forget a character named Ireland?!?! So weird.

      • 22aer22 Reply

        Same! I do vaguely remember Eva mentioning Gideon’s sister when she went to the party at his house, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember her name being mentioned! For all we know, Day just fucking changed it without telling us. Because she knew we wouldn’t remember anyway.

        • matthewjulius Reply

          I already have a problem with remembering characters’ names, and when they’re this arbitrary and uninteresting, it’s actually really difficult for me to read these books.

      • E.H.Taylor Reply

        I thought of making some kind of ‘quick reference’ sheet so that I could keep track of all of the random characters popping in and out of this novel, but decided the majority of them would just say, “The person that Eva met that one time a period chapter or two ago”.

  4. Kristin Reply

    Well thank goodness Anne isn’t another evil blonde. Leave us blondes alone!!! Also, I’m sure this is a coincidence and not a slam on EL James/Ana Steele, but, at least Eva eats real food and doesn’t survive on air and Christian’s love(?) alone.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      You’re blonde? Leave BBGT AND NEVER RETURN. Jokes pleez keep reading <3

      I agree, at least Eva has an appetite. With or without her everlasting periods. Haha surviving on air and Christian's love/semen. Fucking Ana!

  5. Vivienne Reply

    What I don’t get is the mouth fucking make-out session. They’re chewing each others faces off like zombies and it’s “erotic”. No. In no way is this erotic. I saw the news about that guy eating the other guys face awhile back and no erotic stuff there. Didn’t they make a movie about erotic zombie happenings? Is this shitty book going there? They should go there actually. Then this book might be interesting.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      I’ve been praying for a zombie attack since day one. I would be far more interested in Gideon and Eva’s erotic zombie happenings than this. HE CAME FROM THIS GROSS MAKEOUT SESSION OH MY GOD EWWW.

  6. Kristin Reply

    Thinking more about the sitting “cross-legged” references…maybe Day thinks she is being “clever” cuz he’s Gideon CROSS? (OK, secretly though I think it is supposed to be a subtle reference to a childlike behavior indicating their emotional maturity despite their actual ages).

  7. AJ Reply

    Can I just say that I would love to have a mug that says “Bath of Shame” on it? Because that line strikes me as comedy gold.


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