Goodreads Choice Awards 2015…But Only With the Bad Books, Good Times Books

goodreads romance choice awards 2015

I noticed this tragedy today when I was looking into this year’s Goodreads Choice Awards:

goodreads romance choice awards 2015

The only books on my reading list that appear anywhere on Goodreads Choice Awards 2015 are those pieces of crap! I went on the romance list to find out what else I could vote for instead only to find THIS:

beautiful redemption jamie mcguire goodreads choice awards 2015


Although, part of me is just really fucking upset that we haven’t gotten a chance to read this book yet. I just want to read more Jamie Mcguire, Matthew, WHY ARE WE DOING OTHER THINGS.

tobias arrested development sobs in the shower

Anyway, because these are apparently the only three books I’m actually familiar with in the whole friggen choice awards[1], I thought it would be a really heartwarming thing to have our own awards ceremony with these three books:

[1]: Okay I am familiar with Mindy Kaling’s book in the humor section, but I haven’t gotten to read it yet…MUCH LIKE BEAUTIFUL REDEMPTION, damnit.

I’m curious what everyone thinks of the Goodreads Choice Awards this year, so if you want to share what you’re voting for, which books you can’t believe were nominated, or which of the nominated books I should actually read (for pleasure, not business), let me know!



  1. E.H.Taylor Reply

    If those books win, I’m moving to another planet.

    As for the other books, I haven’t read or even heard of most of them. The J.R. Ward book in romance is #13 in a series I just started (good so far for a vampire book, but I’m only 25% into book one so don’t quote me on that, haha). As for the other categories, I’ve heard that Girl on a Train is really good (it’s high on my ‘to read’ list) and I love the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz, so that’s my vote in horror even though I haven’t read that particular one yet. I enjoyed reading Furiously Happy (humour). And I’ll vote for Marissa Meyer’s book in YA Fantasy because she’s a fellow NaNoer and since I haven’t read any of the other books, that seems like a good enough reason to me!

    • Jennifer Layton Reply

      I’ll be very interested to hear what you think of Girl on a Train. My co-workers were starting to gang up on me since I was the only one who hadn’t read it, so I read it out of fear. Literary bullying … who knew that was a thing?

      • 22aer22 Reply

        I’m doing Kindle Unlimited’s free trial, and Girl on a Train is on there! I’m going to try to read that this weekend…or at least start it. I realllly want to read more horror, so I’m intrigued by this Odd Thomas series. Basically I’m gonna look for all of these on unlimited and see what I can tackle in a month.

        • E.H.Taylor Reply

          The Odd Thomas series is amazing. My mom got me into Dean Koontz a little over a decade ago and I’ve since read most of his books. While I can’t say I like all of them, I consider him to be one of my favourite authors. I find his books a good mix of thriller and horror, sometimes leaning more towards thriller. Some of my favourites by him are Velocity, Intensity, The Husband, The Good Guy, and Servants of Twilight (though I’m not fond of the ending on that last one).
          If you’re looking to get into horror, I would definitely suggest H.P. Lovecraft – classic horror right there. Also, I like Bentley Little, although his books can sometimes get a little weird, haha.

  2. svetasbooks Reply

    I was disgusted too when I saw that Grey was nominated. Ugh, I can think of a lot better romance novels than Grey. Why is that piece of crap even nominated? If the book wins, I’ll never ever trust goodreads suggestions again(my faith in humanity is eroding away)…good news is that some of the books I read that are good are on the list such as Mademoiselle Channel, Trail of Broken Wings and When the Moon is Low.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      I’m writing these down to check out in the future. I’m trying to read more good books, because sometimes I forget they exist and that I can read them for pleasure.

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  4. Lougoober Reply

    The cover for Beautiful Redemption is nice, at least…?

    Maybe House of Night didn’t get nominated just because I think the last book came out two years ago? Maybe it’s not eligible? I’m not familiar with the Goodreads awards.

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