One With You Chapter 1: Eva Tells Her Parents She Eloped, it Goes Poorly

I can’t believe this is the last book of this glorious series. Let’s absolutely savour it, you guys.

If you need a refresher, here’s a link to the last chapter of Captivated by YouBasically nothing happened. There, now you’re all caught up!

One With You Chapter 1:

I’m pretty sure all the books in this series have opened with Eva talking about what a great city New York is, and since the second book awkwardly reminding us that Gideon is important:

As I stepped out of the corner café onto always-busy Broadway, the rush of the city washed over me. How had I ever lived without the cacophony of Manhattan?
How had I ever managed living without him?
Gideon Cross.

Smooth moves, Sylvia Day. It’s good to be back with you.

Apparently Gideon is there because suddenly Eva is cupping his jaw in her hand, marvelling over the fact that hours ago she thought she might have to break up with him because he would never change (isn’t that a thought she’d had every other chapter since the series began?), but now she is worried she’s the one that can’t change (again, pretty sure this is the other concern that’s been floating around since day 1.)

Eva is in awe of Gideon because he is wearing a baseball cap to disguise how famous he is, but people are still doing double-takes when they walk by. Don’t people in New York play it a lot cooler when they walk by beautiful and/or famous people?

New York swallowed everything that came into it, while Gideon had the city on a gilded leash.

Even with a baseball cap on! Can you imagine?

Eva is still upset that Gideon hired away her boss to work for him in a play to get Eva working for him too. Because of this, they’re still not living together again, and Eva is like, “This is my marriage ugggg, but I need to train him to make decisions WITH me not FOR me.” These crazy kids.

Eva and Gideon agree to head to their therapy session together later. Eva has many thoughts about how she needs to be strong and show her and Gideon’s enemies that she is just as formidable as Gideon. With a strong and realistic army of enemies like Brett! Corinne! Gideon’s mom! The evil therapist! The evil therapists wife! it’s truly important that Eva prove her strength.

Eva returns to her mother’s apartment where she’s staying, and her mother asks if she’s having an affair. That’s the only reason they could possibly be fighting, I guess.

Somehow, Eva comes to the shocking realization that she should ask her mother for advice about Gideon since she is used to being married to rich and powerful men.

“I don’t know how to be the kind of wife Gideon needs,” I confessed.

Her shoulders went back, her entire posture shifting to one of outrage. “Is he having an affair?”

Oh, mom.

To be fair, Eva points out that her mother’s “recent infidelity” with Eva’s father might be causing her to jump to these conclusions, which actually makes sense.

Eva tells her mother about eloping with Gideon, and at first her mom is sad, but then she’s just worried about the prenup. Rightly, Eva realizes that so many fucking people meddle with their relationship ALL THE TIME. Everyone, go watch some Netflix, and leave Geva alone.

TWIST Eva’s stepfather walks in and says Gideon sent him the prenup a few weeks ago, and he approved it. I’m so relieved these men made these sound decisions without checking with their wives.

lord is testing me

Oops, Eva has to go to work now, so this was a really dumb time to drop this bombshell. She convinces her mom to meet her for lunch by dropping the tantalising words, “Corinne Giroux”, so Eva’s mom knows some juicy gossip is coming her way.

Eva updates Gideon about what just happened and that she’s going to tell her dad as well. GIDEON IS PLEASED and convinced they will make it! All signs point to everlasting love.

At work, Eva promptly quits her job giving one day’s notice, which I’m pretty sure is illegal? But Mark is of course super nice about it.

“So, where are you going from here?” Mark asked.

“Honestly … I’m still figuring that out. I just know I can’t stay.”

My marriage could only take so much pressure before it broke, and I had allowed it to slide to a dangerous edge, trying to find some distance. Trying to put myself first.

At first, it seemed like Eva was doing this to find success on her own, so she wouldn’t wind up working for Gideon, but it’s actually about quitting to argue full-time with Gideon who will be at work all day? Then she explains that this is about taking control somehow.

Later, Eva tells her dad about eloping:

“We’re still having a wedding,” I told him. “We want our friends and family with us when we say our vows ….”

“That’s what I was expecting, Eva.” He growled. “Damn it. I feel like Cross just stole something from me! I’m supposed to give you away, I was working up to that, and he just runs off and takes you? And you didn’t tell me? You were here, in my house, and you didn’t say anything to me? It hurts, Eva. It hurts.”

Okay, what is the actual fucking difference here? They are still doing a wedding/vows. Why is it so important for her dad to partake in “giving” his daughter away. He could still do that? It’s just a tradition anyway and not really required that he LITERALLY give his daughter away. I totally get he’s sad she didn’t say anything when she was there in person, fine, but Gideon didn’t steal anything from him…This is actually about what Gideon and Eva want, and they’re still doing something for their friends and family anyway! Eva isn’t a piece of property to be stolen.

The only thing Gideon has stolen is Eva’s phone when he randomly shows up and is like, “You will be talking to me now, Victor.”

The conversation is legit creepy as fuck:

“Gideon stiffened suddenly, his hand dropping away from me. “No, I wouldn’t be happy about it if my sister eloped. That said, she’s not the one I’d take it out on ….”

I winced. My husband and my father had that in common: They were both incredibly protective of those they loved.

“I’m available anytime, Victor. I’ll even come to you, if that’s what you need. When I married your daughter, I accepted full responsibility for both her and her happiness. If there are consequences to be faced, I have no problem facing them.”

Do these people really believe that once you get married, all responsibility is the husband’s? Gideon wouldn’t take his hurt out on his sister, so does that mean he’d keep it to himself or take it out on the husband? Based on what he says about accepting responsibility, I venture that he thinks the husband is the one who should take the blame.

jonah the f

Eva’s dad is nice to her again and they agree to talk later. Then Eva and Gideon make out. Naturally.

Cary texts, and he has news about Trey! His boyfriend who is not thrilled that Cary is bisexualy or with the fact Cary got his “booty call” pregnant. Whoops! We’ll find out the details at dinner later.

This chapter is still not over because now it’s time for lunch with mom. Eva’s parents have already spoken about the elopement, and Eva’s mom explains that her dad just wasn’t ready to let go of her yet. Eva believes this is because she reminds him of her mother, and she’s the one he can’t let go of. Ew.

“Nonsense, Eva. There’s a resemblance, but you’re much more interesting.”

That startled a laugh from me. “Gideon says I’m interesting.”

She smiled brightly, making the man passing her stumble over his own feet. “Of course. He’s a connoisseur of women. As gorgeous as you are, it would take more than beauty to get him to marry you.”

Oh, mom. 

It’s now time to talk about Corinne. Eva explains that Gideon’s secrecy has made the public thirsty for more Gideon info, so Corinne’s biography is very exciting. Eva’s got an idea, though, she and Gideon need to be in the media more! TMZ! Then Corinne will look pathetic somehow!

“My mother’s shoulders went back. “That’s a horrible idea.”

“No, it’s not.”

“It’s terrible, Eva! You don’t trade hard-earned privacy for anything. If you feed that public hunger, it will just get larger. For God’s sake, you don’t want to become a tabloid fixture!”

What do you think of Eva’s plan? Let your voice be heard; join the great debate in the comments! Which will likely be a grand total of ‘0’!









  1. Madeline Reply

    Sylvia Day, we meet again (through reading a blog where two other people meet you again). Finally.

    Eva’s plan is bafflingly stupid. I never thought her mother would be right, but yeah going full Bennifer will fix nothing and invite a whole host of new plot bunnies-I mean, problems.

    • 22aer22 Post authorReply

      Their army of enemies will probably expand, somehow. Maybe throw some stalkers into the mix?

      • Madeline Reply

        *hopeful-whispers* Long-lost twin, long-lost twin, long-lost twin.

  2. milli Reply

    of course the plan will work because sylvia days will stubbornly make it happen in her gedeva-verse!!

    it could work if they do sensible stuff like interviews or stuff by people close to them but i am guessing she will take kardashian route and let people photograph them. she has dropped too many non-subtle hints throughout the series to deviate from “eva is kardashian style socialite but with sanctimonious morals”.
    not gonna help in reality but again, this is Day-verse.

    eva is basically sylvia herself, what she thinks right will happen right too. i mean despite the fact that eva is one of the most problematic twilight-fan-fiction lead ( unacknowledged ) she is also the most smug, creepy, control freak lead too. it is a talent that this epithet could be used for sylvia’s eva and gideon together unlike , say christian and ana, who have different sets of disturbing characteristics.

  3. bookbaron Reply

    Ugh the controlling and objectifying in this chapter. Why are both Gideon and her father beating the chests and hooting at each other over Eva like cave man. And Eva’s just like, aw, they love me.


  4. wordswithhannah Reply

    Oh man, I am pumped for this boring, rambling nonsense. I looked it up on Amazon and even her die-hard fans hate this book and called it pointless. Let me repeat: fans of this series found this book pointless. We’re in for a treat. Day went full Breaking Dawn here.


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