Armada Chapter 23: Admiral Vance is Displeased

Armada Chapter 23:

Zack’s dad video chats him, seeming happy as a clam. It takes a minute, but Zack realizes his father is video chatting from his mother’s room.

That was when I finally noticed that the wallpaper in my mother’s bedroom was visible behind him, and I suddenly understood— and immediately wished I could pull and somehow yank the knowledge back out of my brain. No wonder my parents hadn’t answered their phones earlier. They’d been too busy boning each other like teenagers.

Well, what did Zack expect? I guess it is slightly weird to be confronted with the very tame evidence, but not all that big of a deal. Luckily, Zack quickly realizes this as well. Although, he tries to act like this is a huge moment of character growth for him:

If I’d still been my old Bruce Banner self, I would have Hulked right the fuck out on him, then and there. But I didn’t. I smiled back at him.


Sure, whatever you say, Zack.

Papa Lightman is shocked when Zack connects him to the conference call with the Armistice Council – made up entirely of super famous, smart dudes! – who are immediately like, “Your theory about these dumb aliens is probably right. Thanks for reading this pointless book.”

They go onto explain that they have classified info that Nixon was convinced the swastika on Europa was a threat, so he tried to nuke them. Then everything escalated!

Zack and his dad come to the conclusion that it’s all gotten too out of hand and now they’ll all be destroyed unless earth backs off. The council is like, “Admiral Vance won’t pick up his phone, so good luck with that!”

But then Admiral Vance straight up hops on the call right then and there. He is furious with Zack and Dad, and he has also shut off the QComms of everyone on the council to put a stop to this nonsense. I guess these geniuses haven’t figured out another way to reach someone.

Dad and Vance start arguing about the aliens’ plan, and Dad tries to explain that the aliens are testing them to see how far the humans will go. Of course, Vance doesn’t see things the Lightman way, so Zack and Dad decide they have to take things into their own hands and put a stop to this by destroying the Icebreaker.

But also this whole time Lex and Whoadie and Debbie were listening in and they also want to help. How were all these people on this call? They all knew to hack the Qcomms at the same time? This technology is terrible.

Zack’s friends also decide to be part of the plot and volunteer to help with whatever the plan may be.


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