Calendar Girl (March) Chapter 5: Mia Calls Wes

Calendar Girl (March) Chapter 5: Mia Calls Wes

Mia can’t decide if she’s too emotionally drained to call Wes or not. This is funny because it’s Tony and Hector who should be emotionally drained, while Mia just goes to bed comfortable in the knowledge she is earning the easiest pay check ever. This book is full of wonderful surprises you just don’t see coming. Here’s another one:

Perhaps if I worked with Tony, made him see that coming out of the closet could be a good thing. That being with Hector, planning and building the family they obviously wanted was the way to happiness.

It’s fairly common knowledge that forcefully inserting yourself into a precarious situation that should only be between the parties involved is the best way to resolve conflict, so I hope Mia realizes that she actually needs to take this a step further and out Tony to his friends and family. The bigger, the better, Mia. Set up a charity ball to raise money for plumbers to rescue princesses from dragons and then when you go up to give your big speech, reveal Tony’s truth to the world. For him. And like make sure Wes is also there so you can look up just in time to see a single tear drip down his face as he bursts with pride and desire to make sweet love to you right there on that stage.

Mia decides to call Wes, and though she at first evades his questions about her current client situation, eventually she reveals the circumstances and just recaps the plot to him.

“Shit. Sounds like he’s got some heavy burdens. Professionally, I can understand how he’d want to maintain his privacy. If he’s the type of guy who can afford Exquisite Escorts, he’s loaded and likely has the press on his ass.” He blew a breath out that came across muffled when his lips must have gotten too close to the phone. “Seriously Mia, money’s good and all, but it doesn’t take the place of privacy and the ability to live a quiet life.”

I thought about the gated community Wes lived in with ‘round-the-clock security monitoring the neighborhood, the red carpets he hated walking, and the need to hire an escort to attend important events just so he could work the room in peace. Yeah, Wes knew exactly what Tony was going through only without the issue of sexual orientation being a factor.

This is probably meant to speak to Wes’ character, but it just raises more questions to me about his hiring of Mia in the first place. Isn’t there a friend he could have just asked to attend parties with him so he could talk to people without women just one after the other throwing themselves at him? How does anything ever get done in Hollywood at this rate!

Mia is jealous when Wes mentions the woman playing her namesake character in his movie, so this leads to boring phone sex, so I guess that answers our question about how Mia will get her rocks off this book. You win if you guessed self-pleasure OR Wes.

The next morning at breakfast, Hector and Tony seem like they’ve made up. Mia makes it all about herself again and updates them on Wes. I bet on the surface, they’re like, “Dish, girlfriend.” But inside they are dying and can’t wait for Mia to get out of their lives already.



  1. wordswithhannah Reply

    I bet on the surface, they’re like, “Dish, girlfriend.” But inside they are dying and can’t wait for Mia to get out of their lives already.

    I’ve never related to fictional characters more!

  2. Andreas Reply

    Poor Wes. It’s such a burden to be rich and successful and famous and having potential access to all these socially accepted one-night-stands. I can *totally* understand that’s almost the same problem as being in the closet and being afraid that your family stops loving you when you come out.

    Heavens … /rolleyes

    But, well, I have to agree with Mia here. Hiring an escort for a month won’t solve Tonys problem and if she can help him to solve it, she should. Although at his pace (and if he doesn’t want it solved, let him be!) and not with some wacky idea she might have.

  3. callmeIndigo Reply

    It’s amazing how the author is just…completely unaware that people remain closeted for their personal safety and not just for some vague idea of privacy. Like, obviously this specific character would not be in danger due to being in a book written by someone who doesn’t think it’s a thing, but?? How can you…not know. How can you not know this.


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