Bad Books Pop Quiz #4

Pop Quiz #3‘s answers revealed:

Question 1: What fundraising strategy does Gin come up with?

68% of you were correct when you guessed, “auction off sexy baseball players to earn money”

Question 2: This week, Zoey and friends figured out that there are other characters that might be immune to Kalona’s rapey charms. Who are they?

You guys, this question was so hard I FORGOT THE RIGHT ANSWER. So it’s absolutely no surprise that 35% just gave in and guessed, “Dumbledore, Snape, and Mcgonagall.” However, the right answer was actually Dragon, Professor Anastasia, and Professor Lenobia, which 19% of you guessed.

Question 3: What is Kalona wearing in Zoey’s dream?

76% of you were right when you said, “loose and tight fitting pants that are somehow the perfect fit.” Still makes no sense to me.

Bad Books Pop Quiz #4:


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  1. khelekmir Reply

    Boring dreams and smelly socks make WAY MORE SENSE than sleeping with someone.


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