Next Book News and Poll!

Here’s the bad news: we’re not starting our new Thursday/Friday book this week.

Here’s the exciting news: we’re doing this because we need a little extra time to prepare for an ambitious new secret project. Which is, of course, the next book, but it’s not quite as straightforward as that. Ariel and I talked about some new books, and we almost totally dismissed something before realizing it presented a fresh twist on our usual approach. Which I hope is vague enough to keep you in suspense for next week, when we’ll kick it off.

Here’s a hint: It’s not Carve the Mark. We thought about it but we’d probably die of old age before we finish another Veronica Roth slog-a-palooza.

"Tris says I'm Divergent"
We can’t.

Here’s something you can do in the meantime: we want to know what series you want to see us keep reading! We’re in the middle of three series that we love (or something like love) reading, and we just can’t make up our minds where we want to focus our attention alongside our NEW SECRET PROJECT. Help us!

Here’s even more exciting news: While we’re not starting our new second book this week, do check back in for the brand new coverage we are starting of The Bachelor.

We finally hit our stretch goal on Patreon to make writing about this godawful TV show worth our while. Many thanks once again to our lovely fans who support us on our Patreon! Don’t forget, Patrons get rewards like exclusive articles, eBooks, membership in our brand new used book club, and more. Just sayin’, it’s a pretty sweet deal for everyone involved.



  1. Erin Reply

    PLEASE keep reading Calendar Girl…it’s just so terrible and I want to know how she’s going to end it SO AWFULLY! (we all know that’s what’s coming, right? A flaming trash pile of an ending that someone out there surely finds ‘romantic’). Gag me with a pitchfork!

  2. khelekmir Reply

    Jeez. So little of substance happens in Calender Girl, I didn’t even realize you had finished it last week XD

  3. Leanne Writes Stuff (@AllWriteyThen) Reply

    Ugh, I can’t believe there are actually more Maddox brothers novels! How many guys are there in this family, eight? Pretty much every book is the same cast of characters putting on wigs and pretending to be other people. And the Maddox bros don’t even pretend, they’re all the same! It’s like they’re clones sharing a hive mind, with the singular goal of systematically collecting suitable females to assimilate into their collective and mate with to spawn the next generation of identical Maddox cousins (who will inevitably have their own terrible book series).

    There’s only so many “unique” twists you can put on a recycled plot and cast of characters. Maybe the twist of the next book will be that the Maddox bro is actually a GIRL, who’s a “Maddox Bro” because she’s one of the guys and totally Not Like Other Girls. Naturally, her love interest will be one of her brothers’ best friends who is basically a Maddox clone himself.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      OH FUCK. They are totally going to discover a long-lost Maddox sister named Tracey. Pay close attention in the next books to see if any Maddox bro friends are introduced, and then I think you 100% nailed the plot. You’re so right, she will not be like other girls at all. She’ll hate shopping and love to fight! And bag lots of dudes!

  4. wordswithhannah Reply

    Oh man, I’d have some respect for Maguire if she did a lesbian Maddox sis or a trans Maddox bro. I wouldn’t trust her at all to get it right or do it respectfully, but at least it would make a nice departure from “TOTES MASC ALPHA MALE SEEKS LITTLE WOMAN” x8.


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