A Court of Mist and Fury Chapter 58: Velaris Has Fallen

A Court of Mist and Fury Chapter 58:

They give the second book to Amren and she disappears. Feyre tells us, “So we waited. And waited.” and then is like, “Two days passed. Amren still hadn’t cracked teh code.” I’m sorry, but that is not waiting and waiting. That is 48 motherfucking hours. Given the woman some time! I suppose there’s meant to be some urgency now, but given how meandering this book has been, I’m not feeling it.

Feyre frets a bit about battles to come and the unknown.

My father, I remembered, was still trading in the continent for the Mother knew what goods. Another variable in this.

I mean, is he a variable? That sounds like it’s implying he matters as a character at all. I don’t think he ever comes up again in this book, and until this moment I forgot he existed.

While Rhys is away at the Court of Nightmares, Cassian and Azriel keep Feyre company. She worries they’re just babysitting her and magic-texts Rhys:

Cassian and Azriel I don’t need them here to protect me? Company is fine, but I don’t need sentries.

He’d written back, You don’t tell them. You set boundaries if they cross a line, but you are their friend— and my mate. They will protect you on instinct. If you kick their asses out of the house, they’ll just sit on the roof.

I scribbled, You Illyrian males are insufferable.

Rhys had just said, Good thing we make up for it with impressive wingspans.

It really bothers me that when I actually want it, we don’t get any of Feyre’s thoughts on something. In a couple lines she could have explained why what Rhys said made her feel any better…because I’m not getting why it did. He didn’t offer any new information, he didn’t differentiate the situation from when Tamlin used to have sentries on Feyre’s ass all the time (including Lucien who was also her friend.)

I’d barely been able to hold the pen long enough to write, I’m missing that impressive wingspan in my bed. Inside me.

That doesn’t even make sense.

Later, Feyre is out and about with Cassian and gives him this big speech about Nesta and how she feels so much she has to put a wall up. She goes on to tell him that since he defended Elain, Nesta will never forget that. She’s trying really hard to make Nestian happen.

But then. There is an ATTACK:

They’d reached the sea cliffs. Countless, long-limbed flying creatures, some bearing soldiers in their arms … An invading host. “Cassian.”

I love the idea that these weird flying creatures are princess-carrying soldiers in their arms. It seems like this would be such an opportune time to attack them since the creatures’ arms are full and the soldiers clearly can’t fly.

It turns out the enemy has stones that stop magic. I don’t know if this means that the enemy also can’t use magic now.

Nameless characters are killed (basically the NPCs of ACOMAF) and we’re meant to be horrified along with Feyre. Objectively, I know it’s horrifying, but I have no skin in the game here. I’m not invested in Rhys’ friends, but at least it would feel heavier if something happened to one of the.

What is kind of interesting is that Feyre sees the body of the queen who gave them the book impaled on a lamppost. Well. Feyre had hoped she’d see her again. The Attor takes this moment to show up and be like, “MESSAGE SENT, BITCHES!”

Feyre runs to the townhouse, deciding that she’s going to bring as many people in with her as she can to protect them. But I seriously don’t understand – if the enemy can stop magic, doesn’t that mean the wards would be rendered useless?

Minutes later Feyre even deduces that the king must have used the Cauldron to break the wards on the city…but she doesn’t seem to worry about the wards on the house.

Also, apparently this city just doesn’t have any form of defence except for Cassian/Azriel/Amren. I get it was supposed to be super safe, but you’d think they would have just been slightly more cautious given they just revealed the secret city to a bunch of clearly evil queens? Or even just in case of emergencies?

Rather than trying to decide whether the house is warded or not, Feyre decides to fight back and defend the city. I was very pleased about this given she has literally every important power and spent like two hours training with Cassian. But seriously, I’m glad she’s fighting back.

I lifted my blades, willing the river higher, shaping it, forging it.

Those Hybern soldiers stopped dead in their tracks as I turned toward them.

And wolves of water broke from behind me.

The soldiers whirled, fleeing. But my wolves were faster.

I was faster as I ran with them, in the heart of the pack.

Okay. But like. How did Feyre go from just being able to make like tiny figures with her water to full-on wolves that can take on a life of their own and run in a pack? 

I made it seven steps before the wolves brought them down, water shoving down their throats, drowning them—

I am very hung up on the logistics of this.

…the soldiers were taking to the sky, flapping upward, backtracking.

So my wolves grew wings, and talons, and became falcons and hawks and eagles.

I get really excited when I’ve read a chapter previously and left notes for myself on it. I eagerly opened up the note on this quote here, and all it said was, “lol.” God damn it, past Ariel, you are USELESS.

Seriously, though, why not just make water dragons or something? Apparently Feyre can now do fucking anything with her powers, so why not go big or go home?

I’m extremely confused about why the anti-magic stone isn’t working on Feyre, but, oh well! The Attor shows up, and Feyre chases him down:

It would fly back to Hybern— to the king. It had chosen to come here, to lead them. For spite. And I had no doubt that the golden, lioness-queen had suffered at its hands. As Clare had.

Clare…who the fuck is…

OH! She meant Cheddar Scallywag. THIS MOTIVATION MATTERS TO ME NOW!

Avenge Cheddar, Feyre!!



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    They way the stones / magic applies to Feyre only gets more and more confusing. The end of this book is still one of the most confusing messes I’ve ever read. The entire concept of Velaris has so many problems.


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