BBGT Future Funtimes: Next Book Poll, New Schedule, MYSTERIOUS PROJECTS

Hello, lovely readers! We’ve got crazy news for you about the future.

What Are We Reading Next?

First, you may have noticed that we wrapped up both books this past week. We’re starting the tenth Calendar Girl book on Monday, but we are torn on what we want to do next for our other book. So this is very important and we need you. Ariel and I can’t make up our minds. So it’s time to ask the people what they desire.

And don’t worry, we already have plans for this:

As always, do let us know if there’s other bad books we should know about! We’ll be wrapping up the wild ride that is Calendar Girl one day, after all. But right now we’re pretty sure our choice is continuing one of these two series. We can’t make up our minds on which one, though, so it’s up to you.

Next Week Is A Brand New Schedule

We’ve been doing this blog for five and a half years! Like most things do after 5+ years, the blog has changed a lot during that time. All the different parts that make up BBGT and we plan to add to BBGT aren’t what they were when we first decided on our Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri schedule.

So we’re going to test out a new one. This week, we’re going to start updating Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Calendar Girl will be Mondays and Wednesdays. Whatever book you guys decide above will update on Fridays.

We’re trying to free up some time to allow us to take care of all the other BBGT bits and pieces we already do and are excited about trying to do. Real talk, I hate jinxing projects by talking about them too early (RIP high school ska band), so I don’t want to totally totally confirm we’re making a secret BBGT-spinoff project. Like, say, a schmodcast, but…

So go vote in the poll for our next book! Maas vs Maddox! And look out for the changed schedule this week!

And thank you for reading! And an extra thank you to our supporters on Patreon: Rebecca, Jennifer, Arin, Charlotte, Kate, Michelle, Beth, Jo, Quinn, Michael, Amelia, Krista, Mélanie, and Mary! Seriously, every little bit of support we get on Patreon is what makes it possible for us to even consider attempting projects like this.



  1. Ellie Reply

    I voted Maddox, just because seeing Maas’s name is enough to make my blood boil. I just don’t want her to win anything. Not even this poll. YOU HAVE ENOUGH, SARAH.

    Regardless, super excited for the podcast! Will you be uploading to Spotify or iTunes? (Never listened to a podcast before but if it’s yours I’ll download accordingly haha)

    • matthewjulius Post authorReply

      we’re totally new at this and still neck-deep in research, but it should end up in all the usual podcast places like itunes, spotify, etc. won’t be for a little while, though. we have some audio actually recorded, but we’ve a long way to go still

  2. Rebecca Bauer Reply

    I hope you guys eventually do Wings and Ruin but I find myself missing the Maddox brothers. Why, god???

    Also, yay for new schedules! A podcast sounds dope.

  3. Madeline Reply


    Return to the bro-tastic world of toxic masculinity of the Maddox bros pretty please

  4. Emily Reply

    I voted for A Court of Wings and Ruin, mostly because I tried to read it, but I only got about 50 pages in before I had to put it down. The combination of it being boring, illogical, and just plain terrible made me rethink my life choices in reading this series. But… I’m a completionist, and I have a hard time starting a series and not finishing it… so I want you guys to read it for me and just tell me how terrible it is in an entertaining way. All the fun, and none of the pain! For me at least…


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    • 22aer22 Reply

      I’m also a completionist, much to Matthew’s chagrin. Once we start a series on here, I struggle with the idea of not doing every single book. I’m still determined to do all of House of Night!

      • matthewjulius Post authorReply

        I think Pokémon ironically taught me about the dangers of being a completionist at a young age. Thank u, Pokémon.

  5. Krista B Reply

    I think in the beginning, you both reviewed each chapter. Imagine if you still did…. We’d still be 1/2 way through ACOMAF.

    • matthewjulius Post authorReply

      I know! We did! It doesn’t feel like that long ago but we really only did for like a year before The Host broke us


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