Where in the World is Megumi San Diego?: Entwined with You Chapter 22

"You done messaged up, A-Aron"

Here’s what previously happened in nutshell form:

  • Megumi hasn’t been showing up to work, and Eva can’t get in touch with her. Not having Megumi in these chapters has been like a day without sunshine.
  • Corinne tried to kill herself, and for some reason Gideon’s mother called him and asked him to come to the hospital. I still have no idea why she is involved in this at all.
  • Corrine’s husband attacked Gideon after finding out Corinne was pregnant and lost the baby. I need to come clean and admit that I thought this was revealed last chapter, but Eva actually only finds Corinne miscarried later this chapter. If you give a fuck about the fact that I made this error, feel free to voice your concerns in the comments.
  • Gideon sends Eva home, and Eva is pissed. I don’t blame her.

The only way the end of chapter 21 could have been more like a soap opera is if Corinne’s twin sister showed up and was also in love with Gideon.

Chapter 22

At work the next day, Megumi still isn’t showing up. When will the madness stop! [Matthew says: If the rest of the series is anything to go by, after an entire book of no Megumi, when she will suddenly show up as though she had been there the whole time.] Eva also hasn’t heard from Gideon since the night before.

And I was angry and hurt about it. The one thing I wasn’t was scared. Gideon was right about marriage fostering a settled feeling. I had a grip on him he’d have to work to break. He couldn’t just disappear or ignore me forever. No matter what, he would have to deal with me at some point. The only question was: When?

Yes, that’s why all people get married, isn’t it? It’s that settled feeling that comes with knowing someone is going to have to get in touch with you because they’re legally bound to you now. It’s not like people who are married ever just up and leave with no explanation. Marriage sure is a panacea for ghosting!

Gideon shows up late that night and tells Eva he’s been in California. Instead of immediately offering an explanation like anyone else would have done, he’s like, “Shhhhhh I’ll explain later.” Um, no, explain now. [Matthew says: Pffft, Ariel, if we’ve learned anything from these books, that’s not what TRUE LOVE is about! Explaining your actions! Honestly!]

But Gideon protests he hasn’t slept in two days, so he crashes quickly. Eva goes through his phone, and what she finds comforts her when actually it should probably alarm her.

The last thing I expected to find were so many pictures of me in his photo album. There were dozens: some of us together taken by paparazzi, others that he’d taken with his phone when I was unaware. Candid shots that afforded me the opportunity to see myself through his eyes.

I stopped worrying. He loved me. Adored me. No man could take the pictures he did of me otherwise, with messy hair and no makeup, doing nothing more interesting than reading something or standing in front of an open refrigerator contemplating what I wanted. Pictures of me sleeping and eating and frowning in concentration … Boring, commonplace things.

Aren’t those exactly the kinds of photographs Nathan was taking of Eva that they found in his apartment? Photos that the cops saw, and immediately were like, “This man is going to kill Eva at some point. If only someone would just murder this guy and basically save the world!”

When has Gideon even been snapping these photos of Eva standing in front of the fridge? Whenever they’re together they’re either in the bath or taking a shower or having sex somewhere else.

Eva sees some phone calls between him and Evil Reporter Deanna, but the protective shield of marriage calms any lingering worries Eva has about all the things.

~Nondescript nightmare and tears.

~Nondescript sex and greedy cunts.

The next morning, Gideon tells Eva they need to talk. He asks if she ever made a sex tape with Brett, which Eva denies. [Matthew says: Not only is sex the only thing ever driving the narrative and motivating the characters in this book, sex that didn’t even happen is the only thing that rushes in to fill the void when there isn’t any actual sex.]

He held my gaze. “When I came back from the hospital the other night, Deanna caught up with me in the lobby. After the situation with Corinne, I knew brushing her off was the wrong approach.”

“I told you that.”

“I know. You were right. So I took her to the bar up the street, bought her a glass of wine, and apologized.”

“You took her out for wine,” I repeated. [Ariel says: Because that’s so much more compelling than the whole sex tape thing, I guess.] 

“No, I took her out to tell her I’m sorry for how I treated her. I bought her the wine so we had a reason to be sitting in the damn bar,” he said irritably. “I figured you’d prefer a public place over bringing her up to the apartment, which would have been more convenient and private.”

He was right, and I appreciated his thinking of how I’d react and making accommodations for it. But I was still annoyed that Deanna had snagged a pseudo date with him.

People get wine together at a bar all the time and it’s not a date. Not even a “pseudo date” if there’s clearly no intent there! Deanna snagged a conversation with him, boo freaking hoo, Eva.

Deanna accepts Gideon’s apology, and tells him that Three-Inches Nickleback Creed Six-Ninths old videographer had set up secret video cameras and caught them having sex on tape, and he planned to auction the tape off now that ‘Golden’ is such a smash hit! Topping the charts! TRL WITH CARSON DAILY PROBZ. [Matthew says: I am no expert, but I feel like this is the opposite of legal.]

So who here hasn’t taken secret photos of Eva? She sure is a magnet for this shit. How many more people need to die before everyone just puts their damn cameras away when Eva’s around?

Blah blah Gideon used lots of power to legally stop the video from being released on the market. But what about the interwebs, you are likely asking in alarm. With the Youtube and the Perez Hilton!

He shook his head, the ends of his inky hair brushing over his shoulders. “I’ve got an IT team dedicated to nothing but looking twenty-four-seven for that file on the Internet, [Matthew says: This sounds like the worst job in the world.] but Yimara won’t make any money giving the footage away. It’s only worth something as an exclusive. [Matthew says: I don’t think anyone in this book understands how the internet works. Aside from search engine optimization.] He’s not going to fuck that up before he exhausts all other options—including selling it to me.”

I just checked my watch, and it seems like this may have broken the record for most quickly introduced and solved problem of all time. This didn’t even warrant a cliffhanger at the end of a chapter. There have been cliffhangers centered around what Eva is going to order for lunch (it’s carbs, always carbs), but not whether or not Gideon was able to stop the sex tape from going viral?

This is the point where they discuss what happened with Corinne, and Gideon explains that she had a miscarriage. Again, if you feel that you’ll never be able to trust my summaries of shitty books ever again, I completely understand.

Later, Eva and Gideon discuss the Gala they’re meant to be going to that night.

“Gideon, if that footage of me and Brett gets out, you don’t want your name linked to mine.”
His body went stiff, and then he turned me around to face him. “Say that again.”
“You heard me. The Cross name has been through enough, don’t you think?” [Matthew says: …has it? I’m struggling to think of any Cross family controversy that has actually gone public in this series.]
“Angel, I’m as close as I’ve ever been to taking you across my knee. Luckily for you, I don’t play rough when I’m mad.”

It’s totally cool and fine if you enjoy spanking in the bedroom, but it really freaks me out when Gideon or Christian threaten to spank Eva/Ana in reaction to something in their daily life. I feel like not even The Master from Pamela has done this (has he, Matt?). [Matthew says: No, but weirdly his sister and female servants have struck her. I have absolutely no idea what to make of that.]

At work, Eva still can’t get in touch with Megumi who continues to be absent from work but somehow more involved in the plot than she ever was when she actually was there.

“Who does Megumi call to say she’s sick?”
“She reports to Daphne for everything. Why?”
“I’m just worried. She hasn’t called me back. I’m wondering if I pissed her off somehow.” I shifted on my feet. “I hate not knowing or being able to help.”
“Well, for what it’s worth, Daphne said she sounds horrible.”

Daphne is fucking in on this, it’s a conspiracy! She’s also part of the Russian Mob! And Nathan’s long lost sister! And Also working for Dr. Terrance what’s-his-face! Fuck you, Daphne, you horrible, back-stabbing bitch.

"You done messaged up, A-Aron"

Before the Gala that night, Eva tells her mother she and Gideon are going together and that he’s asked her father if he could propose to her. Eva’s mother is immediately like, “I didn’t even know you guys were back together, but this is incredible news. Let me start planning your wedding immediately.”

My question to all of you is, what do you think happened to Megumi?



  1. Madeline Reply

    Well clearly she’s the head of the Russian mob who’s been undercover this whole time to kidnap Eva and provide a final obstacle for “true wuv”, le duh.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      I could get behind the Megumi is secretly evil twist. It would be way better than in Fifty Shades when they revealed a character that had been mentioned once was working with Jack Hyde the whole time!

  2. kate Reply

    Is it possible Megumi got too close to the parts of this storyline that are a 50 shades rip off and she accidentally fell into Ana/Christian’s Seattle via a wardrobe in the closet and now she has to wonder EL James’ imagination (basically the most frightening place I can imagine) before she can come back? Anyway, this is my working theory.

    • 22aer22 Reply

      That seems to be the most likely scenario. Man, I hate when your plot is so similar to Fifty Shades that you wind up being forced to wander the mind of the author. IT’S THE WORST!

    • Dana Reply

      Sorry, totally off-topic, but have you seen that movie? Is it good? I read the book and I’m planning on seeing the movie this weekend.

      • Judy Reply

        I saw it this weekend. I had not read the book so I don’t know how it compares. My husband had read it and still really liked it. The acting was great and although it was long, I didn’t get bored. It’s very unsettling movie.

  3. future venusian Reply

    Megumi got kidnapped by aliens who left a clone in her place to call in sick to work so no one gets suspicious. They’re planning to invade Earth, and they want an Earthling to tell them what we’re like. Unfortunately Megumi knows idiots like Eva, so the aliens think their chances of a successful invasion are pretty high.

  4. Kristin Reply

    Clearly Megumi realized this is a terrible book and ran away as not to be associated with it.

  5. Dana Reply

    Honestly I think it’s going to be something totally boring. It’s probably going to be revealed at the end that Megumi just got a secret boyfriend or something. It would fit with the “pair the spares” thing that these type of books always seem to have going on.

  6. Kate Reply

    I have no idea where Megumi is, but I’m assuming that she has been kidnapped, and that we will be treated to some random moment of previously unanticipated badassery from Eva and/or Gideon to save the day. The last three pages of this book will be Eva saving Megumi from the Russian Mob and thinking, “Wow, I’m so glad I’ve been taking krav maga since the second chapter of this series, even though I’ve only mentioned it maybe once since then!” Like that scene in Fifty Shades where suddenly Ana shot out Jack Hyde’s kneecap or whatever. Or the epilogue of Walking Disaster where Travis Maddox had like a thousand guns and was in the FBI(??? I still don’t get it? I’m still not over how fucking stupid that is? I don’t understand how I’m supposed to get through all of the Beautiful Spinoff when I know that this is the terrible rabbit hole that I’m being led down???)

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