Bad Books Pop Quiz #5

fez makes a heart with his hands

Bad Books Pop Quiz #5

In exciting blog news, Matthew and I are working on our first Bachelor post! Thank you to our amazing Patrons and everyone who is part of this community and makes it super fun to work on BBGT.

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We did it!

Pop Quiz #4’s answers revealed:

Question 1: How can vampyres keep Kalona out of their dreams?

91% of you were correct when you said, “While they’re sleeping they have to be touching someone of the sex that they’re attracted to.”

Question 2: Which of Mia’s past clients shows up this week?

One of you wrote in “Christian Grey”, which actually seems like a plausible thing that could have happened in this series. Think about it. Mia has previously worked in Seattle. Christian Grey is exactly the kind of guy this series insists would hire Mia. “I needed to hire you so women stop distracting me when I’m trying to Do Business.” And then, finally, Mia would ultimately convince Christian to date Ana with HEARTS AND FLOWERS. I’ll just change the names of all these characters and keymash the rest of the story. Where can I pick up my millions?

The correct answer was of course Alec, which 96% of you guessed correctly. I have no idea why one of you guessed Paul, but I love you for it.

fez makes a heart with his hands

Question 3: What is Zoey upset about with her classes?

A whopping 44% of you were feeling cattier than Nala and answered, “That the series is still pretending they’re important.” MEOW.

“Her classes were switched up. Even though she has only been at school for 2 months at most?” was correctly answered by 53%.

Bad Book Pop Quiz #5:




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    OHHHHH!! You guys are going to recap The Bachelor??? It’s the BEST COMEDY on television! Amazing!! Cannot wait!


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