Bad Books Pop Quiz #6

bachelor in paradise, i can't believe this is happening

Pop Quiz #5’s answers revealed:

Question 1: What play is Kalona going to teach in drama class?

Only 50% correctly guessed Medea! I love the 25% of people who guessed Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Witness Protection, which I did not know existed until I went down the rabbit hole and started Googling “Wait, how many Medea films are there?” There are so many! Medea is the gift that apparently keeps on giving.

Question 2: How does Zoey think we can solve the issues plaguing public schools?

The answer was “Tell kids they are idiots as frequently and enthusiastically as possible.” My jokey answers this week seem to be pretty popular because only 58% got this one right, and 30% answered “Ha ha with Besty DeVos as Secretary of Education we won’t even have public schools anymore. Problem solved!” No correct answer would ever begin with “ha ha”, so I know that you know this was a snarky answer.

Question 3: What was the lesson of Calendar Girl this time? I almost made this one multiple choice, but I didn’t, so choose wisely.

The correct answer was “Teamwork???” which only 33% guessed. I know that having three questions marks is misleading, but I still cannot believe that this was somehow the lesson of Calendar Girl. 

Question 4: Where is Mia off to in May?

YAY 80% got this one right! The answer is, of course, Hawaii. Where for some reason Mia has been hired as an inexperienced model with the salary of a high-end escort. No one understands this scenario less than me.

bachelor in paradise, i can't believe this is happening

Bad Book Pop Quiz #6:


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