Calendar Girl (July) Chapter 7: Wes and Mia are Official

Calendar Girl (July) Chapter 7:

Mia describes in great detail the outfit she’s selected to wear for Wes.

I felt sexy, young, hip, yet still me. Casual Mia.

If you have to refer to yourself as “Casual Mia” after planning every little detail of your outfit, it is probably an inaccurate description.

Wes would be here soon, and I had no idea what his plans were. Would we talk? Make out?

Can you imagine if Wes’ plans consisted of, “I got as far as making out but hadn’t considered actually speaking to her or doing anything else”?

Actually, though, that’s sort of the case because as soon as he walks through the door they start hooking up immediately. Wait, wait, I’m getting an important update, there is some dialogue actually:

“Can’t fucking get enough of your taste. Christ, I need inside…”


“Going to take you. Take it hard. Make it mine again.”


“Fuck, your pussy missed me. Christ, sweetheart, like a vise on my dick. So. Goddamned. Tight. And. All. Fucking. Mine.”

All part of Wes’ master plan for the day. What’s most impressive is that he was able to work both creepy and misogynistic dialogue in so few words. The amount of planning that must have taken is absolutely masterful. The man is a poet.

They chat a little, mainly just about all the sex they want to have later. Then Wes heads off to take a shower while Mia orders food.

That was when I started to feel our combined fluids slipping down the inside of my thighs. Shit. He’d ripped my underwear off. No barrier.

Wow, I don’t mean to ask vulgar questions, but how could it have taken so long for Mia to feel this? It doesn’t seem physically possible given they’ve been standing around having a whole conversation at this point.

Even if Wes hadn’t ripped her underwear off, presumably there wouldn’t have been any barrier at this point because her underwear would have had to come off one way or another and Mia would have wound up in this predicament regardless.

I also just want to thank Mia for being super real about this. Usually books gloss over the not-so-nice details and reality, but not this brave tale.

He slid his hands around my waist and leaned close.


I smiled and leaned into his back.

Somehow I don’t think they’re meant to be doing a cool back-to-back pose.

I’ll find any excuse I can to use a Publizity picture.

He hummed against my neck and slipped his fingers under the tank dress at each shoulder. I’d thrown it back on sans bra after our shower. Hey, a girl could hope.

What do you mean “a girl could hope”? It’s been explicitely stated that they’re going to have lots and lots of sex tonight and beyond. This is like hoping that they’ll make another The Fast and the Furious movie. Of course they will. They will never stop making these. It will be the year 2087 and this franchise will still be going.

Just as I predicted, Mia and Wes start hooking up again moments after she has this thought.

“Missed these. Best tits I’ve ever seen.” He placed tiny kisses along my shoulders. “Best I’ve ever touched.” He squeezed them, setting up a rhythm that had me thrusting my hips forward as if on autopilot. “So sensitive to touch,” he murmured against the nape of my neck.

“Only your touch,” I mumbled, rubbing the back of my head against his pecs.

“Is that right?”

No. No, it is wrong. This is a blatant lie, and I have multiple books worth of evidence to back me up.

Wes then does this whole call-back to when they were first together and they instated ground rules for their relationship, but the twist is that now they’re breaking all the rules. Somehow, Wes has magically gleaned that Mia is on exactly the same page as him because he is a mind-reader and declares that they are exclusive and together now. It’s super great they are on the same page, but it’s pretty gross he just assumed this. It would be great if everyone was a mindreader at opportune times, but they’re simply not, so this is pretty presumptuous.

So anyway, they are having this talk when suddenly Mia is like:

Wes plucked my nips…

EXCUSE ME? I am going to pull a Mia and quickly Boogle what exactly “pluck” means, and if I have to, I will even take my question to “Metropolitan Dictionary” and “Intellectipedia”. Maybe there’s another definition of the word I’m not as familiar with.

  1. take hold of (something) and quickly remove it from its place.
  2. quickly or suddenly remove someone from a dangerous or unpleasant situation.

Nope. Okay. That’s just straight up horrific.

Speaking of horrific, Mia briefly wonders if she’s going to experience any flashbacks to what happens with Aaron, but miraculously she doesn’t because Wes’ touch is so magical and special. I’m actually kind of concerned that Mia was only able to finally make up her mind to commit to Wes after she was sexually assaulted and not in a great place emotionally, but I think we’re just supposed to take this as a sign that they’re meant to be.

Wes and Mia confess that they love each other and continue to bone long into the night.

I’m actually kind of curious to see how things go between them. It seemed like Wes and Mia wouldn’t get together until the last book, but we’re only in July! She won’t be able to have sex with any more clients, so I guess all the future sex in these stories will have to come from Wes dropping by or having phone sex with Mia.




  1. Khelekmir Reply

    That underwear quote really sounds like Mia was planning on using her panties as a condom o_o


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  2. Pip Reply

    ‘He plucked my nips’ okay just glossing over the word ‘nips’, does she mean he plucked them like a violinist or a guitarist would?

    • Pip Reply

      Also side note, I’m in tears over the idea that he removed her nipples from a dangerous situation

    • 22aer22 Post authorReply

      Oh god I hadn’t even considered that use of the word! And it’s not making it much better! But I don’t think that fits either because the following line is about elongating the nipples so he’s definitely pulling on them?

      • callmeIndigo Reply

        Elongating is such a terrible word for these situations, it always makes me imagine them stretching with a kind of rubbery balloon sound.

  3. Lya Reply

    So Wes plucked something from her body and Mia’s hips has an autopilot. Mia is a robot?

    • 22aer22 Post authorReply

      Mia is absolutely a robot! It’s basically canon at this point.

    • 22aer22 Post authorReply

      I’m definitely wondering if he’s going to hire her for the last month somehow even though I remember her aunt say she’s all booked up. Maybe there will be a last minute cancellation!

  4. Jo ?️‍? Humbug (@KittyCatalyst) Reply

    also re: nips, i think he’s plucking AT them? like tugging sharply at them?

    This series certainly does like to use the english panguage (and sometimes others as well) in new and interesting ways.


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  5. Andreas Reply

    Plucking nips, huh?

    Last weekend I visited friends with a small kid and played with it the ancient game of “I got your nose” … heavens, now I have weird images about Wes’ and Mias foreplay in my head.


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