Bad Books Pop Quiz #2

Conan O'Brien excited

I guess if these happen weekly it takes the ‘pop’ out of them, but it sounds so much more fun!

Pop Quiz #1‘s answers revealed:


Conan O'Brien excited

The correct answer was…YES! They really did leave the tunnels, I swear! For those of you who voted no, don’t worry, they were there for the majority of the book so no one is judging you for getting this one wrong.

ALL the answers were right. This week, despite the fact that they were openly talking about their plans, their motives still are totally unclear. They also decide that Zoey being on board with them will somehow prove to the council that this is all above board. And finally they were speaking about all of this in front of Zoey. I know they thought she was asleep, but that’s no excuse.

The correct answers here were reforming Mason’s bad-boy image and that he needs an escort with a heart of gold to get him and Rachel together!

The answer was Gina! Good job, 61% of you.

Bad Books Pop Quiz #2:

Bonus question!



  1. Jennifer Layton Reply

    Oh dear god yes I’ve been DYING to discuss the OA with someone. Also, I binge-watched Netflix “3%” yesterday and need to talk to someone about that as well. Do you have some kind of 24-hour hotline?

  2. Rebecca Reply

    I came back to the post because I just finished The OA. Am I really dumb? Because I have no idea what happened and I’m pretty pissed off I spent so much time just to be like “what the fuck have I been doing for the last week?” I would call it compelling, but not good. I obviously watched the whole thing, but I spent half of it wondering if the writers knew what they were even doing.

  3. Rebecca Reply

    Thanks for this!!! I feel a bit better than I did last night, haha! 🙂 I’ve forgotten what a gold mine reddit is for this stuff.

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